Russ Hagan, Cuddle, the sofa to cuddle

Cuddle is an innovative project where function and style come together in a cake mix. Russ Hagan thought a piece of furniture that adapts to its surroundings by taking different forms and functions, bench, chair, sofa, but always with a warm embrace.

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RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon / suggestive transformation of a military bunker in the IXX century

An abandoned military bunker in the Netherlands has been transformed into an impressive landmark from RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon. Used by up to 1815 1940, the area where the property is located is a strategic military zone to protect the city of Muiden, Utrecht, Vreeswijk and Gorinchem. Place close to the shore, this seemingly indestructible bunker was sliced ​​open, revealing its interior.

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