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Introducing Rexa: the colors of the earth

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Introducing Rexa: the colors of the earth it has been modified: 2024-04-12 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone at the Mo.1950 flagship store, in a renovated setup immersed in atmospheres inspired by the earth, with intense and warm tones, Rexa showcases its expressive strength linked to the materiality of the surfaces to stimulate creativity and increase possibilities of project.

Through a welcoming display, where refinement and aesthetic elegance blend with the functionality of the proposals, the company further enhances its bathroom concept: a living space, an intimate, sensorial and practical environment, which is linked to enveloping and warm perceptions that come from the Earth.

Added to this is the study and design of new products able expand the expressive and personalization possibilities of spaces.

There are two washbasins presented during the exhibition design week, both born from new collaborations for Rexa: Also by Studio Batoni, sculptural floor element embellished by light, presented with a column in black Marquinia marble and a sink in a new material, gray Pureglow; Ethere by Yonoh Creative Studio, model freestanding slim and functional, simple and delicate, displayed in Corian® Deep Nocturne with drain cover tray in black Marquinia marble.

To enrich the company's proposal, there are also two bathtubs signed by Studio Monica Graffeo, art director Rexa: Zen designed for a deep dive experience, with towel rail and step, shown in showroom in new Clay Red Shark; Cava an expression of timeless elegance characterized by the strong materiality of red Levanto marble, an ancient and precious material chosen for the presentation at the Fuorisalone.

La research and culture of materials it is an identity focus for Rexa which is once again reaffirmed and strengthened by introducing the refined Levanto red marble: coming from the Ligurian Riviera, it is characterized by its unmistakable dark red colour, at times tending towards purple, with long and few white and green veins.
Pureglow is also added to Rexa's material library, a material composed mainly of high quality polyester resins and pigments. Transparent and reflective, it has a glass-like brilliance and offers new compositional possibilities thanks to its ability to integrate harmoniously with other textures.

The desire to offer intense and natural colors is also satisfied by the new variant Shark red clay, resistant to water and bacteria, born from the union between a natural mineral and a polyester resin.

Furthermore, to give a new look and further increase the creative possibilities of the Moode collection, ribbed wood finishes are added and the introduction of mirrored glass, in two colours.

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