Expansion and renovation of the Santa Margherita Winery signed Westaway Architects

Expansion and renovation of the winery Santa Margherita, Westway Architects, offers an aesthetic functional, impressive in size and harmonic colors.

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At Milan Design Week 2016 Talents presented Eden, a new outdoor collection with a strong and inimitable character designed by Marco Acerbis.

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The new DIALMA BROWN libraries in old wood

Pieces with a refined and exclusive design made of old wood and recycled materials, with a particular focus on the environment.

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MORELATO: New Collection 2016

Morelato new to the 2016, a "house Morelato Style": texture of wood, innovative design research and traditional processing.


Essence, the new Toncelli kitchen fossil wood

An ultra-modern furniture in content but wrapped in a material thousands of years ago. Born with Essence about it, novelty 2016 Toncelli