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“Décoroom” by Déco: Feel the Revolution

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“Décoroom” by Déco: Feel the Revolution it has been modified: 2024-04-12 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

The "Décoroom" by Déco, in via Goito 3 in Brera, is ready to welcome visitors to the Design Week with new indoor and outdoor covering solutions in step with the needs of contemporary living.

On the occasion of the Milanese design week, Moove.Zen and Nova will be presented, the innovative solutions by Déco dedicated to wall and false ceiling coverings: cutting-edge collections designed to respond to new needs, redefining the concept of contemporary living, designed to combine aesthetics, design and functionality.

The exhibition space is designed to inspire planners and interior designers and lead them to discover the varied and current world of interior and exterior coverings through innovative and natural finishes, shapes, colors and materials, all highly performing.

Symbolically divided into two environments, indoor and outdoor, the Décoroom communicates Déco's vision of these two spaces, which today are increasingly fluid and communicating.

via Goito 3, Milan – M2 Lanza

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