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Items must comply with the reporting guidelines below, incomplete articles or do not comply with these guidelines will not be considered.

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  1. Check that the content of your article is compatible with the themes already present on Social Design Magazine.
  2. Address of your site: unless you have a website is fine a facebook page or an email address.
  3. E-mail: an email address relating to the subject of the article or where you can be contacted.
  4. Title: must contain the main subject of the article and be between 35 and 70 characters.
  5. Category: you can choose the best suited among those present
  6. tags: They must be separated by commas and must not contain special characters
  7. Text: It must be original and contain at least 300 words
  8. Images: minimum three, maximum 15, must have a width (free height) of at least 880 pixels. The filename must contain the image object.
  9. File: jpg, png, max 1.5 MB.

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