A shelf that transforms ventilation and furnishings in the kitchen: Falmec Shelf

A shelf that transforms ventilation and furniture in the kitchen Falmec Shelf
A shelf that transforms ventilation and furnishings in the kitchen: Falmec Shelf it has been modified: 2023-09-22 di Benedetto Fiori

Shelf by Falmec, an innovative product that combines sophisticated design and advanced functionality. Shelf offers customization, LED lighting, filter or extractor options and modern kitchen integration.

In the increasingly frenetic and technological world in which we live, the kitchen has become not only the place where we prepare our meals, but also a space of conviviality and expression of our lifestyle. To meet the needs of a modern kitchen, Falmec, a leading company in the production of extractor hoods and cooking systems, has developed a revolutionary product that combines cutting-edge design, advanced functionality and a touch of Italian elegance: the new Shelf.

Falmec, with its history that began in 1981 in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), has always been synonymous with technological innovation, design and quality, an expression of 100% Italian construction ingenuity. Today, it continues to amaze the world with cutting-edge products that improve home life, and its latest creation, Shelf, is no exception.

A Shelf That Transforms Ventilation in the Kitchen

The new Shelf shelf is an open hanging system that presents itself as a revolutionary solution in the field of kitchen ventilation. This product not only plays a functional role but is transformed into a design element that offers unprecedented design freedom. One of Shelf's distinctive features is the ability to customize its front, allowing the designer to adapt it to the style and materials of the kitchen, such as wood, steel, glass, stone and ceramic. This means that Shelf can integrate perfectly into any environment, from the most traditional to the most modern.

The black painted steel structure and the black satin aluminum front give Shelf an elegant and sophisticated appearance. But the innovation doesn't stop there. An LED strip with dynamic light is installed in the lower part of the shelf, ensuring perfect lighting of the worktop and creating a pleasant atmosphere throughout the kitchen.

Functionality and Customization

From a functionality perspective, Shelf offers several options. An extractable cover in smoked glass with built-in touch button panel makes use of the product extremely simple and intuitive. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between the filtering and suction versions.

The filtering solution is characterized by simple, ductless installation, thanks to the exclusive ultra-compact Multi-Air suction technology. This technology, only 10 cm thick, uses combined Carbon.Zeo filters that effectively reduce odors, ensuring a fresh and clean home environment.

If you prefer vacuum mode, Shelf offers excellent performance with a powerful motor remotely located inside or outside your home. Furthermore, this version is equipped with No-Drop System technology, which eliminates the problem of condensation dripping into the kitchen, ensuring a kitchen that is always dry and safe.

Integration into the Modern Kitchen

Shelf is part of the Elements collection by Falmec, together with Monolith and Air Wall, which offers new functional and innovative furnishing solutions. These products are designed to integrate completely into the kitchen, becoming part of a modular and multifunctional architecture that improves the comfort and quality of time spent at home.

Falmec Shelf represents Italian innovation at the service of modern cuisine. Combining sophisticated design, cutting-edge technology and advanced functionality, this product transforms the kitchen into a space of beauty and convenience, enhancing the home life of anyone who has the pleasure of using it. With Shelf, the kitchen becomes a place of inspiration and innovation, where beauty and functionality blend in perfect harmony.

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