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Space for lightness: the iconic Fluttua suspended bed turns eighteen.

Space for lightness: the iconic Fluttua suspended bed turns eighteen. it has been modified: 2022-11-02 di aaapress

Fluttua, the iconic LAGO suspended bed, has successfully come of age. Continuing to “float” more than 100.000 people and to testify the beauty and quality of a timeless design, Fluttua celebrates its first 18 years, always looking to the future. A milestone destined for those products capable of overcoming fashions and tastes and of reinventing the rules of that game, which sees LAGO furnishings as the absolute protagonists.

Made in 2004, the Fluttua LAGO bed is the story of a visionary and surprising project, born as a challenge to gravity and the desire to give shape to the emotion of sleeping floating in the air, giving space to lightness, not surprisingly the claim of the communication campaign. A concept of a product that has remained unchanged over the years, overcoming all temporal boundaries and continuing to be today one of the best-selling design beds in the world, as well as the company's best seller.

Designed by Daniele Lago, CEO and Head of Design of the homonymous furniture brand, Fluttua showcases a timeless design, capable of going beyond any fashion and fitting into any interior context. The suspension on one leg and the absence of a bed frame make it an extremely light and essential product: by eliminating any superfluous element, Fluttua frees up space in the bedroom and makes cleaning and hygiene of the environment as easy as possible. The only central support, adjustable in height at the moment of installation, holds a frame with an innovative and imperceptible to sight. Fluttua, attached to the wall by means of a tested and patented fixing, gives shape to the feeling of dreaming suspended.

“In his early thirties, at the time - remembers Daniele Lago, CEO & Head of Design of LAGO Spa - I already had a very clear idea of ​​what design should be for us at LAGO: our intent was to find ideas that were so strong that they didn't need much else to become products. Fluttua represents this spirit in our collection, essential on the one hand, strong on the other. A mattress that floats: this was what I thought and what we subsequently developed. Presented at a fair, it aroused great amazement and appreciation. Since that day it has become a LAGO best seller and has never stopped growing in sales. When you innovate a lot, you never know how it can go, but Fluttua was born under a lucky star, immediately meeting the appreciation of many people. "

Over the years, the style and composition of the bed have seen new proposals for materials and finishes tailored to every need and preference. From the fabric with rich padding and precious workmanship, to the Wildwood wooden headboards with a unique tactile and emotional path: elegant and architectural solutions, ideal for combining the essential lines of the bed with material sensations oriented towards comfort. The headboards, in wood or fabric, also allow the integration of refined shelves and bedside tables, infinitely customizable with the LAGO range of colors and finishes.

To celebrate its eighteen years, Fluttua can be booked for immediate delivery in two models at the participating stores. Orders for LAGO furniture that will include the Fluttua bed, with a value of € 5.000 or more, will allow the buyer to participate in the competition to win an all-inclusive trip to the Maldives with a stay in the extraordinary Cocoon Maldives design resort.

- Fluttua bed with natural Wildwood headboard
Recommended retail price: 160 cm platform: € 5.000 *
- Fluttua bed with Francis fabric headboard
Recommended retail price: 160 cm platform: € 3.229 * // 180 cm platform: € 3.453 *

* led lighting, transport and assembly excluded

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