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LAGO Spa announces the appointment of Gilberto Negrini as CEO and Daniele Lago as President of the company.

LAGO Spa appoints Gilberto Negrini as CEO and Daniele Lago as President. Negrini, with extensive experience in the design sector, will lead the company in strengthening its presence on foreign markets. Daniele Lago, in addition to maintaining the role of Head of Design, will preside over the company's vision and innovation.


LAGO presents Hotel Regno: an eternal game between classic tone and modern design.

The Hotel Regno, located in an ancient 23th century building in Rome, offers XNUMX rooms and suites that combine historical charm with modern elegance. LAGO furnishings, made with quality materials, integrate perfectly into the environment, creating a unique and refined atmosphere. Each room is personalized with refined finishes and refined details, offering a comfortable and unforgettable stay.


LAGO presents thirteen new products and expands the range of materials: Finewood, marble, material glass and new colors introduce new solutions to interpret every interior.

LAGO, at the Salone del Mobile 2024, presents new finishes and materials for a more sophisticated and international proposal. New marbles, woods and glass are added to the range, offering bold and refined options. The new shades and surfaces aim to create energizing and welcoming environments, satisfying the demands of global markets.

design News

Salone del Mobile 2024: LAGO presents Collezione Venezia, in collaboration with Monica Armani.

The collaboration between Daniele Lago and Monica Armani leads to the creation of a furniture collection inspired by the history of Venice, presented during the next Design Week. The Altana sofa is the flagship piece, with a modular design reminiscent of Venetian altanas. Lightness, comfort and distinctive details characterize this product.

design News

Salone del Mobile 2024: LAGO presents the NOW Kitchen as a preview

The new NOW kitchen by LAGO, designed by Daniele Lago, debuts at the Salone del Mobile. Characterized by the acronym "Not Only White", it has a distinctive design with glass bands that create color variations. With no visible handles, it offers an architectural aesthetic, with suspended and floor bases and a Wildwood oak table.