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ASIA DESIGN MILANO is still novelty in Milan Design Week 2019 with “The impossible story of Israeli design”!

ASIA DESIGN MILANO is still novelty in Milan Design Week 2019 with “The impossible story of Israeli design”! it has been modified: 2019-03-15 di asiadesignmilano

The creative scene of over 10 countries between Middle and Far East, ASIA DESIGN MILAN returns as the exhibition and communication project Milan Design Week for the Asian creative scene.
Born from the partnership between Sarpi Bridge and Oriental Design Week and Milan Space Makers, this year ASIA DESIGN MILAN will propose a new project focusing on ISRAEL, a country where East and West meet, a land of migrants, of cultural contaminations, subcultures and religions.

THE IMPOSSIBLE STORY OF ISRAELI DESIGN exhibitors involved who will show the ferment of the multi-faceted Israeli creative scene, where design becomes a design connector within an extremely composite reality, laying the foundations for a new identity of people and nation, going beyond cultural and political barriers.

An impossible story so it is possible, thanks to the collaboration of DAN MOUKATEL, Israeli curator and creative director of the project.
The exhibition, housed inside the Tortona Rocks that animates the Fuorisalone in Tortona Design District, presents the other face of Israel, in addition to the one known as a technological superpower, that strongly linked to its roots, which draws on know-how and inspirations from a rich and varied cultural background, in a marriage of art and design, thanks to artists and performers and designers such as ANN DEYCH with DEBORA FISHER, AVIV AGAMI, CHANA HAUSER, GANIT GOLDSTEIN, LIAV KOKO, LURIN BASHA, LIAD SHADMI with NIR HALALI, MARIA ZVERIN, NADAV GOREN & ELIRAZ EITAM, OKA, SHANI SADICARIO, STUDIO GLIPHS, VLADUIMIR KEVRESHAN, YAARA RABINOVITCH and others.
Visitors will be also welcomed by the great fashion designer JEAN PAUL GAULTIER with his iconic 1993 collection, “CHIC RABBIS”, which testifies to the interesting connection between the designer and Israel.
A unique, fascinating, innovative and highly creative collection that caused scandal, but still today a milestone in the Jewish tradition .

Yaara Rabinovitch
Yaara Rabinovitch

Not only cultural and design insights, but in OPIFICIO31 the opportunities continue with ASIA DESIGN MILANO which promotes the birth of its partnership with the Chinese-based DO IT - Ideas into Things and HERE CONNECTING CREATIVITY (, a one-stop hub for today's design, development and sourcing needs , real professional support for companies that want to expand their borders from East to West and vice versa.

The HOMI ASIA DESIGN AWARD prize is also announced, in collaboration with HOMI FIERA MILANO: the first all-Italian recognition of the most original, innovative and sustainable Asian design project / product, on display in the official Fuori Salone circuits.

Still this year, the birth of the new brand MAD_Milan Asia Design, with which ASIADESIGN MILAN will be both an Asian design distributor in Italy and a promoter of Italian design in ASIA.

The program of events will be public on the ASIA DESIGN MILAN website.

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Chic Rabbis collection
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Chic Rabbis collection

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