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The story of the restaurant "Dal capitano" is the story of a family leader in the fish trade for four generations, is the story of a young boss (woman) driving a young staff, is the story of a young brigade of ambitious chefs and with a strong predisposition to research, innovation and experimentation.

Three stories with three elements: fish, laboratory, restaurant -FISH, LAB, RESTAURANT-

The restaurant is the setting for this conceptual revolution of the classic restaurant and the restructuring starts from the new content to configure a new container.

We designed an empirical approach: in two different moments we first imagined ourselves hungry customers and then members of the frenetic staff.

The patrons of the new fish lab restaurant embark on a new food and wine experience that involves all the 5 senses, crossing the threshold of entry corresponds to leaving behind reality to venture into a new world: inviting, tasty and welcoming, told through light, matter and graphics; it is difficult to recognize the limits beyond which matter becomes graphic or light reveals matter as it is difficult to establish the boundaries of the senses involved in tasting a dish.

"Compared to the original configuration we cleaned up the entrance to all the elements that created a waiting area, favoring a relationship between the counter and the hall, leaving open field for new ways of using the space, more contemporary - events, cooking show , after dinner, etc ... - enhancing its role as a container.
We played our way with the sea and fishing, imagining a story of prey and predators so that to end up in the net are balls of light trapped in calendered iron hemispheres hanging from the ceiling, the counter is a wooden hull of stranded fir, with the "rusty" prow jutting towards the shore, the textures of the wallpaper and of the wooden slats draw more or less dense nets on the vertical surfaces tinted with dark gray, like the depth ".

The hanging lamps are freed like strings from intertwining and knots, falling plumb at the center of each table to illuminate the dish and then fade on the faces of the guests: colleagues, friends or lovers who are; a starry sky of diamond-mounted square spotlights distributes diffused, colder light.

The staff, almost exclusively waiters, travels through the two-speed restaurant space depending on whether it is dedicated to room service or to the kitchen-hall, bar-room.
In a restaurant, the functioning of these dynamics must be precise but imperceptible to the eyes of the customers, so it is essential to establish the limits determined by the relative action rays whose fulcrum is the bifacial equipped block dedicated to small preparations from the side turned towards the counter and container of crockery and provisions towards the room where the explosion of light of the open compartments has been designed in detail: led strips embedded in the wooden side shoulders and glass shelves on which to expose only bottles, which amplify the effect.

The limits that contain the most frenetic and intense movements of the staff are actually strategic, scenographic and material scenes constructed by a dense sequence of pre-coupled spruce strips, in which transparency plays a fundamental role: intriguing in the eyes of customers, logistics for the waiters.

PROGRAM restaurant
CLIENT private
LOCATION Cremosano, IT
SIZE 400 m2
STATUS designed 2017, completed in 2017

Via Di Rosa 29
26013 Cream
Arch Marco Venturelli
Arch Paolo Capuano
Daniele Pavesi

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