Twin flats: twin apartments

Twin flats: twin apartments it has been modified: ‭2018-01-15 di officinaleonardo

The restructuring project carried out by Officinaleonardo is part of a building built in Rome at the beginning of the 70 years. The choices that guided the design solutions of this apartment were determined by three boundary conditions: the need to separate two residential units within a single apartment; the various plant conditions on which to base the distribution; the need to give unity to the project, while respecting the aesthetic-functional program dictated by the needs and tastes of its inhabitants.

The apartment was divided into two autonomous units with a common entrance, each has its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area. The space is divided as follows: representation in one case (interior A), wide livability of the kitchen / dining area in the other (interior B). The flooring is both blond parquet, this expedient ensures visual continuity to the intervention.

The interior "A" it is characterized by the presence of light cuts in the wall and of chromatic inserts and opal glass in the furnishings: in wood paneling and wooden furniture walls.

From a compositional point of view, the curvilinear wall placed at the entrance is an invitation to enter; the design of the variable geometry ceiling is another element of the connotation of the environment.

The living space is separated from the sleeping area through a sliding wooden wall. Moving the panels, the sleeping area turns into a spacious, unique space. A large wooden door separates the kitchen from the living area. The bathroom is designed as a place / cave: the walls are covered with split slate, mirrored cuts interrupt the material unity, the floor has been covered with a black mosaic and designed as a moving ribbon that changes its position wall, shelf, shelf, lowered floor.

The interior "B" is characterized by the presence of a large full-height sliding door made of wood, the door separates the sleeping area from the living area and fits into the mobile wall of the kitchen, also in wood. The inserts in iron painted in anthracite gray and the cuts in the masonry in opal glass, give life to games of opacity and transparency. The kitchen is large and allows easy preparation of food and dieting.

The translating kitchen wall creates a second membrane on the adjacent wall, a filter that is also a sort of veil of the wardrobe, at the end of the wall, on the same alignment, there is access to the bathroom. A second door - opening - gives life to the living space conceived to be an open space. Also in this housing unit the bathroom is characterized by a strong material component: the slate, mounted on the wall, is a post on a ribbon that, when folded, turns into a floor. The mosaic covering is grafted onto the floor, which in turn rises up one wall.

The mirror cuts on the wall create a luminous surface, which gives depth to the environment.
Both apartments enjoy a unique view over a stretch of green as far as the eye can see and above all on the dome of San Pietro, whose hieratic presence is enhanced by the careful play of reflections and transparencies created by Officinaleonardo.

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