WOW Concept spectacular store, when shopping becomes an immersive experience

WOW Concept is a spectacular store project that mixes reality and fiction, transforming shopping into an immersive experience.


Emotional architecture: Sjöviken villa in southern Finland and its unique relationship with nature

Villa Sjöviken is a single-family house located on the island of Kemiö in southern Finland. Designed by architect Jenni Reuter, the house adapts to the delicate nature of the archipelago with a design on different levels.


The Rock Cabins: An eco-cabin resort in the heart of Hungary

The Rock Cabins is a resort of ecological cabins that integrate perfectly into the surrounding landscape, with organic shapes and sustainable materials such as wood.


ISLAND and COMPOSITIONS by SIRECOM. The rug at the service of your space

Multiple customization possibilities and dialogue with the customer are at the center of the mission of the company specialized in the creation of custom-made handcrafted carpets.


Church of Santa Maria Goretti: The incarnation of Baroque architecture in the contemporary urban context

The Church of Santa Maria Goretti, designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, stands out for its imposing and solitary presence in the urban context.