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bathroom furniture: the latest news it has been modified: 2012-02-21 di Alessandro Vigini

Furnishing the bathroom can mean having an immense range of possibilities to choose from; from the most classic to the most technological. For lovers of technology and avant-garde, it is good to always keep an eye on the latest bathroom furniture news. Technology is always on the move and design moves with it, always looking for new and captivating solutions for any area of ​​the house.

The bathroom is one of those environments that take into account the aesthetic factor and also the technological one. To keep up with the ideas and novelties of bathroom furniture, it is necessary to inform yourself and always keep an eye on the various specialized magazines in the sector, the dedicated fairs etc ...

There are many furnishing houses that also take care of the bathroom, a corner of the house often neglected and left to the classic canons. For example, Osmos has created a system ofbathroom furniture modular, which includes multifunctional wall units, able to renew the classic interpretation of an area usually not valued as the shower corner. The Osmos project for the shower, for example, involves the integration of different elements capable of satisfying all needs, in such a way as to become part of a single space. The transparent and elegant shower box becomes an integral part of the wall units, in this way the wall can become a complex multifunctional piece of furniture, capable of responding to all needs. Thanks to this solution the bathroom will gain points in beauty, space and also in functionality.

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For bathtub lovers, a nice novelty comes from the designer Sylwia Ulicla Rivera who has created an extravagant, but at the same time very intelligent object. It is a solution that combines care and attention for the aesthetic aspect with the needs and requirements of saving space. Although the idea may be extravagant and unusual for many, the design it brings with it is absolutely innovative. The designer has created a retractable bathtub, which when not needed can be compressed and attached to the wall, occupying only a thickness not wider than 10 cm. The tub was built in rubber and through a careful design with attention to the smallest details, it allows you to use it with extreme ease and close it in the same way. Not to mention the weight, it is extremely light, in fact it does not exceed 3 kilograms.

Wouldn't it be nice to swim among the stars? Even for those who always have their “head in the clouds” there is a nice solution. It is a bathtub that allows you to stimulate the five senses. It is a hi-tech solution, loved by all, the name of this solution is Nirvana; studded with LED lights, about 360 light points that allow you to immerse yourself in a suggestive and inspiring environment. The chromotherapy effects are certainly not lacking and help to reduce daily stress. It is even equipped with a touch screen panel that allows you to manage the emission of the tank lights and control the water temperature. Nirvana has been specially designed to consume about 60% less water, thus earning the title of eco-sustainable bathroom furniture.

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