Enchanted verticality: Casa Vertical, the innovative home in Porto redefines living

Enchanted verticality. Vertical house. Tsou Architectos
Enchanted verticality: Casa Vertical, the innovative home in Porto redefines living it has been modified: 2023-05-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Casa Vertical is a single-family house located in the city of Porto characterized by its verticality. The project aims to house the functional program on a narrow plot in the central area of ​​the city. The organization of the spaces occurs vertically and develops around a central staircase with the rooms distributed over half a floor. The staircase unifies the intervention, where the railing unrolls like an origami work.

The verticality of the building follows the street front, in the same scale and proportion. The facade of the house recalls the typical composition of the elevation of the "urban houses of Porto", with its vertical windows, the tripartition of the facade and the upper cornice. Likewise, it alludes to the classical structure of the composition, with the delimitation of the base, shaft and capital. The monolithic character is reinforced by the uniform finish and stereotomy lines of the facade.

Social spaces communicate visually, allowing for several parallel experiences in contiguous and self-contained rooms. The basement office is lit by the large window that spans the living room balcony. The private areas, located on the upper floors, enjoy a design that guarantees privacy.

Raw materials such as concrete on all floors and soft wood for doors, cabinets and railings reinforce the unity of the residential project. Marble stone is used for kitchen countertops and sanitary installations.

From the studio's basement office, where the old walls of the pre-existing building have been preserved, to the panoramic terrace, the architecture is refined, creating varied, well-lit living spaces with rhythms appropriate to daily life and family events.

Casa Vertical, conceived by the architectural studio Tsou Arquitectos, represents an interesting challenge in the design of a single-family house on a narrow plot in the center of Porto. The vertical approach to the distribution of spaces and the choice of raw materials give the building a unique character. The use of concrete, soft wood and marble stone creates a combination of textures and tones that give the home a cohesive and contemporary feel.

The architecture of Casa Vertical is characterized by a particular attention to natural light and privacy. Vertical windows allow for abundant lighting, creating bright and inviting environments. At the same time, the private areas have been designed to ensure the tranquility and privacy of the residents.

The central staircase becomes the hub of the entire house, connecting the different levels and creating a sense of continuity. The staircase itself is conceived as a spectacular architectural element, where the railing unfolds as an origami-inspired work of art. Its central presence in the Casa Vertical unifies the spaces and creates a visually fascinating path for the inhabitants.

The architecture of Casa Vertical is also a tribute to the traditional "urban houses of Porto". The facade of the house recalls the typical characteristics of these houses, with vertical windows, a tripartition of the facade and an upper cornice. This link with traditional architecture gives the building a sense of belonging and respect for its history and context.

Through the skilful use of materials, Tsou Arquitectos has created a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere inside Casa Vertical. The raw concrete used on the floors and walls gives an industrial and elegant look, while the soft wood used for the doors, wardrobes and railings adds a note of warmth and naturalness to the spaces. The marble stone used for the kitchen countertops and sanitary installations adds a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Every detail of Casa Vertical has been carefully studied to create functional and pleasant environments to live in. The vertical architecture makes it possible to make the most of the limited space available on the ground, creating an intelligent distribution of the rooms on different levels. The social areas have been designed to favor visual communication and the sharing of experiences, while the private areas enjoy tranquility and privacy.

In conclusion, Casa Vertical is an extraordinary example of how intelligent and well-designed architecture can transform a narrow lot into a welcoming and functional single-family home. Thanks to the vertical approach, mastery in the use of materials and attention to detail, Tsou Arquitectos has created a unique and fascinating space that fits perfectly into the urban context of Porto. Casa Vertical is an inspiration to architecture lovers and demonstrates that creativity and innovation can make any architectural challenge possible.

project info

Project name: Vertical house
Architecture Office: Tsou Architectos
Main Architect: Tiago Tsou
Location: Rua Cunha Junior, Porto Portugal
Year of conclusion: 2021
total area: 230 m²
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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