TILT house: The dynamic elegance of contemporary architecture

TILT house: bold architecture that challenges conventions. Explore the dynamic movement and innovation of TILT house, a unique home that separates, unites and surprises. See how this rotating home redefines the rules of the contemporary architecture game.


Enchanted verticality: Casa Vertical, the innovative home in Porto redefines living

Casa Vertical is a single-family house located in the city of Porto characterized by its verticality. The project aims to house the functional program on a narrow plot in the central area of ​​the city.


Inclusive Spaces for the Community: The 'Escadinhas Footpaths' Project in Matosinhos fusion of Architecture, Art and Nature

The “Escadinhas Footpaths” project promoted by INSTITUTO and designed by Paulo Moreira Architecture, in collaboration with Verkron, is an example of how architecture, art and nature can come together in a single urban project.


A Welcoming Refuge: The NU.MA House in Sta Joana

The House in Sta Joana, designed by the NU.MA Architecture Studio, is located in a street characterized by a large number of housing for the working class, where the repetition and systematization of construction processes are a strong characteristic.


Between History and Modernity: Casa S.Bartolomeu in Aveiro – Sónia Cruz – Arquitectura

A synthesis between history and modernity is the project of the Casa S.Bartolomeu by Sónia Cruz Arquitectura, located in a central area of ​​the city of Aveiro, on the border with its historic center - the Bairro Beira Mar.