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Cutting-edge newbies: discover the latest news for bathroom and outdoor furniture at ISH 2023

Novellini news for bathroom and outdoor furniture at ISH
Cutting-edge newbies: discover the latest news for bathroom and outdoor furniture at ISH 2023 it has been modified: 2023-05-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Novellini took part in ISH 2023, the world trade fair for the bathroom sector, presenting its new proposals for bathroom and outdoor furniture. Highlights include the outdoor SPA Moon and Vita lines, characterized by refined design and advanced technological equipment. In addition, the new I Colorful finishes were presented, offering unique customization options.

Novellini, a leading Italian company in the bathroom furniture sector, took part last March at the ISH Frankfurt fair, the world's reference event for the bathroom sector. During this important event, Novellini presented its latest proposals in all product categories. Among the novelties, the outdoor SPA Moon and Vita lines stand out, enriching the range of hydromassage hot tubs for outdoors.

The path undertaken in the outdoor world in 2020 with the Divina Outdoor Spa collection continues in 2023 with two new outdoor SPA proposals designed to create a personalized wellness area. Moon, with sinuous and rounded shapes, represents the pinnacle of well-being according to Novellini. With its six plus one seats and extensive technological equipment, including 53 hydromassage jets, Aquaclean O3+UV purification systems, stereo audio with Bluetooth connection, Chromolight and Wi-Fi module for remote control, Moon adapts perfectly to domestic spaces but also to the luxury hospitality sector. You can choose between free-standing installation with visible panels or recessed into the floor, thanks to its refined design.

With the inspiration of a daily ritual to achieve balance through intimacy with water, Novellini conceived Vita, available in XL and XXL sizes, with 5 or 6 seats plus one. The Vita Collection is equipped with adjustable hydromassage jets, Chromolight technology, Bluetooth audio, Wi-Fi module for remote control and integrated UV purification system.

The new PVD glossy and brushed anodized finishes of the I Coloratissimi collection played an important role in the presentation of the company. A reinterpretation of the first collection presented in 1986, I Coloratissimi 2023 offers new trendy finishes to give a unique, modern and distinctive style to the bathroom environment, increasingly oriented towards customization in every aspect. These new finishes can be combined with the entire range of finishes of the Iotti by Novellini bathroom furniture collections and are available in a polished or brushed version, in colors such as gold, rose gold, black chrome, stainless steel and bronze. They cover the spaces with the new walk-in showers and shower walls such as HC and HP ART, N180 and HD Frame.

Elegance, essentiality and customization are the key words that distinguish all the company's new proposals, the result of a design focused on technology and well-being, capable of bringing different materials into dialogue and creating new harmonious interpretations.

Novellini's return to ISH Frankfurt was the perfect opportunity to present all the new bathroom and outdoor furniture proposals, able to satisfy more and more needs and interpret the tastes of customers, both the more innovative and the more traditional ones. Novellini offers them the opportunity to create their own style through numerous made-to-measure total look proposals, both for indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to well-being.

The company is committed to proposing high quality solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics, thanks to the attention to detail and the careful choice of materials. The novelties presented at ISH Frankfurt demonstrate how Novellini is constantly evolving, trying to anticipate industry trends and offer cutting-edge products.

Participation in international fairs such as ISH Frankfurt allows Novellini to consolidate its presence on the global market, interacting with industry professionals and opening up new business opportunities. Thanks to a combination of Italian design, advanced technology and customer focus, the company continues to stand out as a point of reference in the bathroom and outdoor furniture sector.

The new proposals presented at ISH Frankfurt represent a step forward in the creation of customized bathroom environments and outdoor spaces, where well-being becomes the protagonist. Both Moon and Vita offer experiences of relaxation and comfort, allowing you to transform any environment into an oasis of pleasure and well-being. The I Coloratissimi finishes give a touch of originality and unique style, allowing you to create personalized and trendy environments.

Novellini once again confirms its leadership in the sector, thanks to its capacity for innovation, product quality and dedication to design and well-being. The new bathroom and outdoor furnishing proposals presented at ISH Frankfurt represent a turning point for the company and a guarantee of satisfaction for customers looking for cutting-edge solutions for their wellness spaces.

In conclusion, Novellini took the opportunity of the ISH Frankfurt fair to present its latest innovations in the bathroom and outdoor furniture sector. Moon and Vita, the new lines of hydromassage hot tubs for outdoors, together with the I Coloratissimi finishes, testify to the company's commitment to offering high quality products, combining Italian design, advanced technology and customer focus. Novellini confirms its position of excellence in the sector, satisfying the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele eager to create personalized and avant-garde environments for their well-being.

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