ORION. The new range of chronothermostats by IMIT Control System

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ORION. The new range of chronothermostats by IMIT Control System it has been modified: 2023-05-09 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Simplicity of programming, very accurate aesthetics and energy saving are the strengths of the new range of chronothermostats by IMIT Control System.

ORION is the new range of digital chronothermostats by IMIT Control System designed to make room temperature regulation even simpler and more intuitive according to the user's needs. Furthermore, ORION is characterized by an accurate design that can be perfectly integrated with the most diverse furnishing solutions.

The new device is a daily (Orion Day) or weekly (Orion Week) chronothermostat, also available in the radio (RF) and OpenTherm (OT) versions in ErP V class, the latter compatible with any energy requalification interventions.

Using the large backlit LCD display, ORION allows you to conveniently and simultaneously view: the temperature detected, the time or the temperature set, the status icons, the programming time slot, the Auto (Comfort-Eco) operating modes – Manual – Antifreeze (Off), the status of the connections and the days of the week (the latter only in the Orion Week models).

The elegant folding cover protects and makes easily accessible the 24 micro-buttons for time programming in 30-minute steps with progressive clicks and the other function keys, including the two-level temperature setting (comfort-reduced), the increase or decrease the value, the menu and the operating mode.

ORION is therefore ideal for those who want to regulate the room temperature according to their needs with a practical, efficient and extremely refined device from an aesthetic point of view.


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