Graça 117 renovation project, enhancement and conservation of the urban unit of the Graça street in Lisbon

Renovation project Graca Lisbon Pedro Carrilho Arquitect photo credits Ivo Tavares Studio
Graça 117 renovation project, enhancement and conservation of the urban unit of the Graça street in Lisbon it has been modified: 2023-02-26 di Benedetto Fiori

The Graça 117 renovation project by Pedro Carrilho Arquitect was fundamental for the enhancement and conservation of the urban unit of Graça street in Lisbon, as part of a set of historic buildings. This intervention, like many other buildings in the city, required a general renovation, with the recovery of the architectural features, the respect of the pre-existing references and the reformulation of the layout of the houses.

To realize the living concept, 7 small T0 apartments were designed, functional and suitable for short stays. On the ground floor, commercial space has been retained to preserve the spirit and sounds of the neighborhood. Thanks to the choice of the color of the main facade, a dark blue, a chromatic rhythm was created in harmony with the surrounding urban environment.

Different brands and quality products have been used for the realization of this renovation project. Margrés Tecnica supplied the Pavigrés 21 Fino porcelain stoneware floor, while CIN contributed its finishing products such as Cinoxano, Cinacryl, Cinaqua and Aquacin. Aleluia Urban Atelier supplied its high-quality wooden floors, while the windows were made by Caixiave Zendow. Finally, the MOB Cozinhas company supplied the kitchens for the apartments.

In summary, the Graça 117 rehabilitation project has contributed to the enhancement of the historical heritage of Lisbon, maintaining the urban unity of the Graça street. Thanks to the choice of high quality products and prestigious brands, it was possible to create a work of great aesthetic and functional importance for the neighborhood and for the entire city.

project info

Project name: Graça 117
Architecture Office: Pedro Carrilho – Architects
Main Architect: Arq. Pedro Carrilho


Location: Lisbon
Year of conclusion : 2022
total area: 300m2

Builder: Civil Sul Construtora Sul, Lda
Engineering: Eng. Paulo Ribeiro and Eng. António Quaresma

Interiors Team: Salto Alto – Global Design Solutions

Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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