Beauty, luxury and simplicity in small dimensions: the Very Tiny Palazzo by Fala Atelier

Beauty, luxury and simplicity in a small size. Very Tiny Palace of Fala Atelier
Beauty, luxury and simplicity in small dimensions: the Very Tiny Palazzo by Fala Atelier it has been modified: 2023-05-13 di Benedetto Fiori

The Very Tiny Palazzo, designed by the Fala Atelier team, is an architecture that combines luxury and simplicity in a small size. With its transparent structure and a crown adorned with precious stones, the palace blends harmoniously into the surrounding greenery. The interior, minimalist yet refined, offers distinct representative spaces and a sense of continuity with the garden. Despite its small size, the building defies convention and celebrates elegance in pure form.

The name of the project is Very Tiny Palazzo, an architectural work conceived by the Fala Atelier team. This minute palace is located in a narrow and lush garden, an environment that suggests an ambivalent approach to the architectural object. On a human level, the palace is transparent, but its crown is proud, adorned with precious stones and extending along the perimeter walls.

The interior is extremely simple but at the same time rich, partially sunken to emphasize the presence of the surrounding greenery. In a similar way to what Loos did, two representative areas are defined by different levels, with different degrees of intimacy. The only walls are the longitudinal sides of the space, in continuity with the perimeters of the garden. The bathroom and storage room are hidden behind a unitary cabinet in lacquered wood, the scale of which is deliberately placed somewhere between architecture and furniture. After all, a palace shouldn't be too simple.

The Very Tiny Palazzo represents a harmonious marriage between luxury and sobriety. On the outside, its transparent structure invites you to admire the interior and connect with your surroundings. However, the coronation displays a sumptuous and imposing elegance, thanks to the use of precious stones that give a touch of majesty to the palace.

Once inside, you find yourself in a minimalist but equally refined environment. The partially sunken position of the building underlines the lush presence of the surrounding vegetation, creating an atmosphere of harmony and serenity. The different representative areas, divided on different floors, offer a unique spatial experience, with a variety of degrees of intimacy. The lack of dividing walls helps to create a sense of continuity between the interior and the garden, merging the boundaries between living space and nature.

The bathroom and storage room are discreetly hidden behind a wardrobe made of lacquered wood. This piece of furniture with balanced dimensions is positioned between architecture and furniture, performing a practical function without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the environment.

The Very Tiny Palazzo represents a unique interpretation of the concept of a palazzo, skilfully combining architectural simplicity with elegance and luxury. This creation by Fala Atelier demonstrates how even small spaces can be full of charm and refinement. An architectural work that challenges conventions and celebrates beauty in its purest and most essential form.

The Very Tiny Palazzo stands out for its ability to harmoniously blend contrasting elements. On the one hand, the transparency of the environments on a human level creates a direct visual link with the surrounding context, allowing residents to fully enjoy the beauty of the garden. On the other hand, the majesty of the crown, decorated with precious stones, symbolizes the luxury and nobility hidden within the walls.

The minimalist approach of the interior creates an atmosphere of tranquility and purity, highlighting the simplicity of the spaces. The absence of dividing walls accentuates the feeling of openness and continuity, allowing for a fluid transition between rooms and a wider perception of space. The choice of precious materials and refined finishes helps to create an environment of refined balance between elegance and sobriety.

The Very Tiny Palazzo represents a challenge to the conventional idea of ​​a palace, demonstrating that grandeur is not necessarily related to size. Its bold and innovative architecture stands out for its ability to create an intimate and welcoming environment, despite its small size.

This little architectural jewel created by Fala Atelier invites you to reflect on the concept of space and luxury, demonstrating that beauty can be found even in the simplest things. The Very Tiny Palazzo represents an example of intelligent and creative design, where every detail has been carefully considered to create a unique experience for those who enter.

Beauty, luxury and simplicity in a small size. Very Tiny Palace of Fala Atelier

project info

Project name: “very tiny building”
location: Porto, Portugal
Year: 2018-21
Status: private commissions; built
Architecture team: Fala Workshop
Project team: Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkhodja, Lera Samovich, Ana Lima, Rute Peixoto, Paulo Sousa
Landscape architect: oh land
surface area: 40m2
Construction: jst lda
photography: Ivo Tavares Studio

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