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Kitchen with ceramic cocci effect coating and Eden lamp by Torremato
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Layer is a project linked to a work by complete renovation in Brescia which made possible theunion of two apartments enclosing them within a single residential nucleus. The design carried out relies precisely on the relevant characteristic of the layers that make up the new context characterized by a multiplicity of height changes identified by different materials.

The house is accessed via an elegant entrance enhanced by thematerial effect of the walls and a clever lighting.
The corridor, which is located a couple of steps higher, is characterized by bleached exposed beams and from resin floor. The oil-colored focal points identify the perimeter points of this first level.
A feature shields the entrance to the service bathroom, accessible via the corridor door in industrial style made of iron and opaque glass. The furniture in this room is minimal and very functional. The wall that houses the washbasin and the sanitary fixtures is covered at full height from white ceramic bricks in contrast to the black taps.

Just go up another step to access the living area: the heart of the fusion. Here the door recovered in wood and iron introduces to a space dominated by the harmony of natural colors that embrace materials such as light oak parquet and dark wood of the table and exposed beams. To illuminate and mark the geometric conformation of the environment, the poetic Moon by Davide Groppi.
The sideboard designed to measure, on the other hand, it frames the wall dedicated to the television and its various accessories. To anticipate the portal dedicated to the entrance to the kitchen is one minimal bookcase in aluminum black painted.
On the same level as the living room we find the hallway consisting of a hapur red containing portal, which through a flush door leads to the basement level of the laundry which remains hidden thanks to the skilful use of a single finish.

A further two steps lead to the kitchen characterized by the ceramic cocci effect covering both on the wall and on the floor, which contrasts with the rigor and linearity of the white tones of the rest of the environment. In the center of the room the charming Eden lamp by Torremato gives a touch of natural green.
The exotic and elegant staircase with covered wall inkiostro White, located at the corridor level, allows access to the sleeping area.

The bedroom it is a true praise of blue and pink, colors that enhance the sensitivity of the small and romantic client. Worktop, shelves, wall units and storage boxes find common agreement thanks to one floral wallpaper which not only frames the large workstation but also gives a pleasant impact to the eye.

Layer by layer, taking care of the details and intervening substantially to homologate the environments, a unique architectural conformation was obtained, varied and distributed on different levels. A house in layers, where each new element enriches the whole without being out of place.

Project: flowcreativodesignstudio

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