Industrial style, what it is and what materials, furniture and accessories to use.

Industrial Style

In the 50 years overseas, in the city of New York, the so-called Industrial or Industrial Style comes to life. This style stems from the need to find, after the war, homes that were economically accessible to everyone, so it was thought that the best solution could be to re-adapt old abandoned factory spaces and offices in civilian homes.

Starting from the east coast of the United States, in the early '80s industrial style arrived in Europe, in the cities of London and Berlin, in those years in the height of their pop cultural ferment. Gradually over the years the spirit of the industrial has changed, it has gone from a style of "necessity" to a trendy, refined and chic style.

What are the elements of an industrial style home?

What characterizes an industrial house is the reuse and readjustment of spaces and typical elements of disused industrial buildings: concrete floors and pillars, walls with exposed bricks or peeling plaster, pipes and ducts that run along the ceilings. Large open space spaces with high ceilings, very large windows and rough elements, these are the musts of the industrial style.

But not necessarily you have to be in possession of an old establishment in order to have a house in this style, just create a project that follows in its footsteps, recreates the spaces and the atmosphere. It is therefore important to choose carefully the i materials, furnishings, the colors and shine.

The most used materials are resins and cements for the floors and in some cases also parquet, metal for the large ceiling lights and leather for sofas and armchairs. With vintage accessories in the right place, the apartment will be trendy and elegantly designed.

How to furnish with industrial style furniture

To dive in and recreate an industrial atmosphere the first thing to do is the search for furniture, do an alternative shopping among flea markets, antique shops and shops vintange furniture, will surely help to find unique pieces with character.

Look also modern companies attentive to new trends can be a correct choice to find new design objects with a radical flavor. A large loft or a large industrial-style living room cannot do without some basic elements: a leather sofa, a table with industrial style chairs, some metal and leather stools and neon lights.

For the long industrial style table the perfect chairs for example, the indigo blue or washed gray Overdyed that Diesel draws for Moroso, different chairs in style and material will make even the most anonymous environment special.

From a bench seat or side table next to the sofa, the industrial style stool is a versatile element that can be used and adapted on many occasions. If you choose a high stool as Stud of Diesel whit Moroso, the elegant and contemporary touch will be guaranteed.

the lights in industrial style for example Seletti realizes Alphafont Wall Lamps, neon lights with wall attachment, which adapt perfectly to a contemporary setting, which together with the metal lamps suspension of Diesel for Foscarini will give the space a lighting and an atmosphere typical of old factories.

The sofa in industrial style it is perhaps among those elements that you choose with more care, not only must it be consistent with the rest of the furniture it must also be comfortable. Leather is the most used material, even better if it has a slightly worn finish.

Accessories e colors to complete an industrial style furniture are essential. The most commonly used colors are grays in all its shades and natural tones. The colors of dull or shiny metals, such as copper and steel in the lights, cabinets and dressers, stand out on the matt surfaces of the floors or on the bricks of the walls. One mirror in industrial style it must never be lacking, one like Ego always from the Stud line created by Diesel for Moroso, is a design object with a strong character that enhances the space.

Signboards, old pinball machines and watches bought in old markets or found on the internet, each object, if chosen with care, can personalize an industrial style home. The attention to detail, the right lights, the presence of an old American style window can furnish and make the space unique.

Industrial style is not just a style of furniture, it is above all a lifestyle, over the years it has become more and more refined and refined, but the true nature and soul of this style was born with a completely different spirit.

Think of the spirit with which the Factory was born, a meeting point for New York artists and people of culture, the famous studio of Andy Warhol. Symbol of industrial style and pop culture, in the center of New York, on the fifth floor of the 231 East 47th Stree, Midtown Manhattan, at the center of the big apple, right where this style was born at the end of the war.

Diesel industrial style kitchen

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