Casa em Lisboa - Antagonism between tradition and innovation

Casa em Lisboa Bruno Câmara Arquitectos
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In the eastern part of Lisbon, with a panoramic position between the black and white poplar avenues, appears Casa em Lisboa, a single-family house located in a plot with a view overlooking the Vale do Silêncio.

With the aim of renovating his house, built between 1939 and 1945, the client turned to the services of the office Bruno Câmara Arquitectos, who conceived the Casa em Lisboa project, the concept of which is defined by an oblique rearward plane followed by a curved plane, thus involving the facade.

Casa em Lisboa Bruno Câmara Arquitectos

The two-storey house, previously with little habitability, due to the various divisions with little surface and poor lighting, takes on one new life and dynamism. The project, keeping intact the main facade and the ceilings, preserves thetraditional aspect of the neighborhood in which it is located, without neglecting the surprise factor of contemporary architecture. The extension of the semi-detached house, centered on the courtyard, highlights the penetrating view of the Vale do Silêncio creating an extension from the outside to the inside, giving it privacy.

Casa em Lisboa Bruno Câmara Arquitectos

With only a modification of the side and rear structure, a new flat roof body was added to the house, which aligns with the roof of the existing house, thus creating a hybrid of architectural contrasts. The façades, defined by the obliquity, adapt to the patio, the Vale do Silêncio and the swimming pool, still allowing the entrance of the light from above.

Casa em Lisboa thus introduced singularity, change and contemporaneity into the Bairro da Encarnação, despite the preservation of the dynamics of urbanization, adding innovation and value to the same building at the same time.

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