The cellar atmosphere created by PAULO MERLINI architects makes the BARRIL restaurant a unique experience

A unique experience in a cellar atmosphere. BARRIL restaurant. PAULO MERLINI architects
The cellar atmosphere created by PAULO MERLINI architects makes the BARRIL restaurant a unique experience it has been modified: 2023-06-26 di Benedetto Fiori

PAULO MERLINI architects transformed the BARRIL restaurant into a suggestive cellar atmosphere, solving the problems of waiting and noise. With an innovative design, arches, mirrors and a sound-absorbing ceiling, the venue offers a unique dining experience.

The BARRIL restaurant, located in a house more than nine years old, has recently undergone an expansion and transformation thanks to the innovative design of the PAULO MERLINI architectural studio. The client, an entrepreneur with an inherent entrepreneurial spirit, approached the architects with a clear vision of the problems he wished to solve. The main objective was to reduce customers' waiting times by creating a distinctive space that fits the existing corporate image and solves the noise problem when the house was full.

To address the challenges posed by the client, PAULO MERLINI architects began by carefully analyzing the corporate identity of the BARRIL restaurant. They quickly concluded that the design should evoke the atmospheric atmosphere of a winery, transporting customers to an intimate and charming setting.

Taking advantage of the pre-existing structural constraints, such as pillars and sanitary pipes, the architects created a logic of arched porches that reinforce the idea of ​​a cellar. One of the walls has been covered with a mirror, which, thanks to the repetition of the arches, creates the illusion of a large space. This architectural trick accentuates the suggestive and enveloping atmosphere of the place.

To further emphasize the effect of a cellar, textured materials and dark colors were chosen. These characteristics contribute to a greater spatial expression, thanks to the play of light and shadow. However, the choice of dark, textured materials was also motivated by a practical need: to solve the problem of excessive noise caused by sound reverberation, a common problem in successful restaurants.

To meet this challenge, the architects designed a particular ceiling. Pine slats have been used, spaced 20mm apart, with a colored velvet finish. On top of these slats, sound absorbing material has been applied. This solution transformed the entire ceiling into a sound absorbing panel, reducing reverberation noise by over 80%. Thanks to this ingenious architectural trick, BARRIL restaurant customers can enjoy a culinary experience without unwanted acoustic disturbances.

As for the lighting, the architects opted for a combination of direct and indirect lighting. Low-impact light projectors have been positioned on the arches, emphasizing their shape and creating a suggestive atmosphere. To complement the indirect lighting, a series of lamps with a strong visual character have been designed. These lamps, controlled via a dimmer, allow you to adjust the amount of light needed in the space, offering multiple possibilities of use.

The aim of the lighting is to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, highlighting the distinctive architectural elements of the room. Thanks to the combination of direct and indirect lighting, the architects have managed to create a suggestive environment where customers can enjoy their culinary experience in a unique atmosphere.

The design approach of PAULO MERLINI architects for the BARRIL restaurant has proven to be effective in solving specific customer problems. The expansion and transformation of the space has made it possible to reduce waiting times and create a distinctive and charming atmosphere. Additionally, the architectural noise control solution significantly improved the overall customer experience.

The BARRIL restaurant, thanks to the creative and functional design of PAULO MERLINI architects, has become a reference place for lovers of good food and a unique atmosphere. The careful approach to corporate identity and attention to detail have helped create an environment that reflects the soul and personality of the restaurant.

In conclusion, the BARRIL restaurant design project by PAULO MERLINI architects demonstrated how good design can solve specific problems and create a unique experience for customers. Through the use of well-studied materials, lighting and architectural solutions, the restaurant has become a welcoming and charming place, where guests can enjoy quality cuisine immersed in a suggestive atmosphere.

project info

Project name: BARRIL restaurant
Office: PAULO MERLINI architects
Architects: Paulo Merlini, Andre Silva
Collaborations: Inês Silva, Rita Pinho, Rita Gandra, Maria Tavares
Instagram: paulo_merlini_architects
Location: Valongo, Gondomar
Conclusion year: 2019
Build Area (m2): 150.00 sq/m
Client: BARRIL restaurant
Photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio
Website from the photographer:

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