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A new airport for Mexico City

It was announced that a collaboration between Foster + Partners and FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise), of the Netherlands, has won the international competition for the design of the new international airport in Mexico City.

It will have an area of ​​555.000 square meters, and will be one of the largest airports in the world.

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Fabbian produces 'The Wing' for Hong Kong airport

After scoring the wall of light Tile to business lounges at airports in Hong Kong, San Francisco and Paris, Fabbian Lighting has created The Wing, a new sculpture of glass and light to the VIP lounge of Cathay Pacific, Inside the airport in Hong Kong. FabbianThanks to installations Tile and The Wing, has become 'brand icon' of the Asian airline. Italian excellence in the world, Fabbian has been chosen for this project for the quality of materials, reliability and above all for the constructive capacity that reflects the idea of ​​architects and respecting at the same time, the strict rules Chinese airport.

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Product Selection

SDM Products Selection, a selection of design products able to improve the liveability of indoor and outdoor spaces, while at the same time expressing a mood.


Foster and Partners / Residence Chesa Futura in St. Moritz, Switzerland

The apartment building Chesa Futura in St. Moritz, Foster and Partners, was designed by combining cutting-edge technologies and ancient tradition. In the design phase, advanced three-dimensional cad drawing programs were used to obtain a very innovative shape. On the construction level, a laminated wood and steel structure was used on the one hand, and traditional construction techniques on the other as regards the wood cladding, a material that complies with environmental sustainability criteria. Its use, if done in a sensitive way, can contribute to forest regeneration, establishing to cut down the oldest trees and replace them with young essences.

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