The stairs seen by Nils Eisfeld photographer become art

Stairs are focal architectural elements and as such attract the eye, in this case that of the German photographer Nils Eisfeld.


House of Vans indoor skate park, Waterloo Station, London

House of Vans indoor skate park, under the London Waterloo station.


The suites of the Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi in ​​Sweden

Each winter a small village in northern Sweden welcomes around 50.000 visitors to the "Icehotel", which opens each year with a new painting and a new artistic theme.


O-Office turns a dormitory in a hostel for immigrants.

The Chinese studio O-office has masterfully reinvented this abandoned and dilapidated concrete structure, transforming it into a hostel, part of the project for the city of art district.

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Google officially presents the Google Car, the first car that drives itself

Google has done it: it has completed and officially presented (no big event, just a post on the Google Plus page) the prototype of its autonomous car


Superheroes as immortalized in Flemish paintings from the photographer Sacha Goldberg

“Super Flamish” is the series of portraits where the French photographer Sacha Goldberg immortalizes modern superheroes as in Flemish paintings.