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The chair Chaise Longue of Le Corbusier: the real machine to rest

La Chaise Longue arises in the study of Le Corbusier during the early 20s, from the collaboration of Le Corbusier and Pierre Janneret with Charlotte Perriand,



A life dedicated to architecture, until the last moment at the age of 104. An architecture seen as a means to achieve well-being: "what matters is not architecture, but life, friends and this unjust world that we must change"


BELNOTES.IT many ideas for Valentine's Day

The celebration of love is coming! Valentine's Day is upon us! and what better way than to think of a nice thought to remind your partner, even on this day, how much we love him!!


“Pétrifications” bookmarks / Krzysztof J. Lukasik

It consists of a collection of five triangular geometric shapes having different size and made of different kinds of stone.


Frank Owen Gehry / Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

When we talk about grandiose works of architecture, we cannot fail to mention the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, designed by Frank Owen Gerhy, not only for its spectacular nature and its cutting-edge technology, but because it was the protagonist of an epochal turning point , that of the transition to the digital age.