15 items to bring Pantone 2021 colors into your home

Pantone Color Institute, Pantone's division that predicts global color trends, recently announced not one, as usual, but two colors of the year for 2021, are PANTONE

Pantone Illuminating + Pantone Ultimate Gray, the colors of the year 2021

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, there are two colors of the year 2021 according to Pantone, two different elements that come together and support each other, strength and solidity

Furnish your home with letters and numbers, a touch of personality and creativity that adapts to all styles

Furnishing your home with letters and numbers is a constantly evolving trend, which is enjoying growing success as it meets contemporary furnishing trends.

Decorate with white, a selection of lamps, furnishings and accessories

Furnish in white through a careful selection of lamps, furnishings and accessories. Some useful considerations on trendy white furniture and on the total white house.

Industrial style, what it is and what materials, furniture and accessories to use.

In the 50 years overseas, in the city of New York, the so-called Industrial or Industrial Style comes to life. This style stems from the need to find homes after the war

Internoitaliano: designer design, widespread factory

Internoitaliano is a project by the designer Giulio Iacchetti born from the desire to create a brand that proposes objects with a strong and recognizable Italian character, close to the normal life of people, pieces of furniture tending to archetypes and mono-materiality, with an immediately recognizable function.

Red, warm and energetic color, how to use it in your interior design?

Red is a color with multiple meanings, it is the color of indispensable elements for life such as blood, heart, and muscles. How to use it in your interior design?

Diesel Industrial Style and Living Rock atmospheres

Diesel Living is the encounter between the Diesel lifestyle, the world of interior design and the most important brands of made in Italy design.