Internoitaliano: copyright design, diffuse factory


Internoitaliano is a project by the designer Giulio Iacchetti born from the desire to create a brand that proposed objects with a distinct and recognizable Italian style, close to the normal life of people, pieces of furniture tending to archetypes and single-material, with an immediately recognizable function.

The model through which all the objects are produced is that of a widespread factory. The products are designed by designers and created by a network of Italian artisans. The key to the system is a relationship of mutual listening and recognition of professionalism.

The very high quality Italian craftsmanship, divided by districts and distributed throughout Italy, is at the center of the project. Internoitaliano much tells the artisans and their work acknowledging to be co-authors of objects, this allows the creation of happy objects, defines them as the same Giulio Iacchetti

"Happy because objects made in a situation of harmony, of recognition of professionalism, skills, projects that arise in respecting and listening and attention to achieve objects in real materials, solid wood, iron glass, all that material our craftsmen use with skilful hands ".

To Internoitaliano it is not the usual industrial organization, but a much more streamlined system that eliminates the distribution network and that allows you to also lighten the final price of the object, lowering the threshold of access to design from those who can not afford it.

The sale is exclusively online not a warehouse, the products there are produced only at the time that are required, the waiting times are estimated not to exceed 20 days.

The products are 100% made in Italy, even the materials are no exception, the wood species used are only Italian as maple, beech and walnut, and also the names, chosen among the minor places of the Italian provinces a tribute to a ' Italy often forgotten but just as real and representative of a suffused and authentic national identity.

  • Mobile TV TV Black design Stefano Giovannoni for internoitaliano

  • Piggy Nola Petrol blue design Giulio Iacchetti for internoitaliano

  • Tablecloth Lugo - 230 140 cm x Black Design Irene Bacchi | Leonardo Sonnoli for internoitaliano

  • Watering Hydro Metal Vittorio Venezia design for internoitaliano

  • Glass Goro Design Green Massimo Barbierato for internoitaliano

  • Caraffa Gela Green design Massimo Barbierato for internoitaliano

  • Bard ottoman Grey concrete design Giulio Iacchetti for internoitaliano

  • Stool Beech Affi | Walnut design Giulio Iacchetti for internoitaliano


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