Red, warm and energetic color, how to use it in your interior design?

the red in the living

Red is a color with multiple meanings, it is the color of indispensable elements for life such as blood, heart, and muscles. How to use it in your interior design?

Red is the color of aggression and danger, but also of passion and self-confidence. Essential to warm environments, especially in cold winter days.

It has been proven scientifically that those who find themselves in an environment surrounded by walls painted red accelerates the vital functions: increase in heart rate, acceleration of respiratory rate, increased blood pressure.

In Living

Red helps to fight passive energies, thus infusing an extraordinary psychic and motor strength. Those who prefer this color have a strong personality, this may also be reflected in furnishings, but is usually a color not recommended for monochrome interior design. It is preferable to use red only in some parts of the house such as a wall, or insert elements like a pouf, a armchair A pillow rug on a couch. It is a color that easily results in neutral colors, where we can use it to give color accents. For example, just a small red detail to light up a room where gray hues dominate, or in an interior design based on black and white alternation.


In the kitchen

Red has the power to stimulate appetite, so kitchen and dining area are ideal areas to use this color. We can use it to paint one or more walls, or for furnishings or home appliances like for example the refrigerator.


In the bedroom

Just because of its already mentioned vitality features and vitality accelerator, red is more suitable for living room environments. It is the color of love and passion, but it does not promote rest, so it is best to avoid it in the rooms Bed and relaxation areas especially to paint the walls, but we can also use it for furnishings and accessories as a bedside table, Cushions, glass vases, lamps.

Wanting to stay in the red to paint the walls of bedrooms or relaxation areas we can use lighter variations such as pink or peach, it is also suitable in the bedrooms especially girls.


In office

Red is an index of self-esteem so it can be used in offices, it is ideal for example in reception spaces, where it is important to communicate the character of the company, for example on either walls or on the reception desk, or here we can include furniture Like a couch or sitting. Another effect that may be interesting from the point of view of office space furnishings is that red stimulates creativity, so it is very suitable for creative spaces, especially in tendencies that tend to orange.



Matching red with other colors is not always easy, but there are some colors, especially the neutrals with which you can create very interesting combinations, for example, white attenuates aggressiveness, while with black living in environments from ' Dramatic and scenographic atmosphere. Other happy matches can be with gray or brown to create warm and cozy atmospheres.

summary sheet


  • It is a warm and lively color.
  • a strong personality index.
  • It is the most powerful color, best to use it for more than over the walls accessories.


  • It increases blood pressure and breathing rate.
  • It is able to speed up the human metabolism.
  • It stimulates appetite.
  • It stimulates creativity.


  • Great color to use when we want to represent power.
  • Bright red: feeling of great energy.
  • Dark red: feeling of power and elegance.


  • bedroom for passion, but only in some detail because it is not conducive to rest.
  • Kitchen or dining area.
  • In environments exposed to the north, especially in winter.
  • As accent color in environments with neutral dominant shades.
  • In creative spaces or office reception


  • A red monochrome interior design.
  • In the bedrooms because it is not conducive to rest.


White, black, gold, blue, green, purple.

in the images that follow other examples of how to use the red in furnishing that can be useful for your home.



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