Versatility and Style: How to Use the Iconic Kartell Componibili in Interior Design

Kartell Componibili

The Kartell Componibili are a line of modular design furniture, created by the Italian company Kartell, they are Iconic and timeless elements, inevitable in Contemporary Interior Design.

The history of Componibili dates back to the 60s, when the company was experimenting with new plastic materials and new forms of production.

In 1967, the architect and designer Anna Castelli Ferrieri was commissioned to design a modular furniture system, which could be used in many different situations, such as at home, in the office, or in public spaces. The result of this project was the Componibili, a modular furniture system made up of cylindrical plastic units, stacked on top of each other.

The Componibilis were an immediate success, thanks to their versatility and their modern and functional design. Anna Castelli Ferrieri's idea was to create an object that could be used in many different ways, based on the user's needs. The modular units could be stacked to create a tall, slim piece of furniture, or placed next to each other to create a larger countertop. Furthermore, the Componibili could be used as furniture for the bedroom, as a shelf for the living room, or as storage in the bathroom or kitchen.

The popularity of the Componibilis continued to grow in the 70s, when the idea of ​​modular and flexible design became increasingly important in the furniture world. In 1970, the Componibilis were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, during the exhibition "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape". This exhibition, curated by Emilio Ambasz, explored the new trends in Italian design of the 70s, and the Componibilis were chosen as an example of modular and functional design.

In the following years, the Componibilis underwent various evolutions and modifications, to respond to the new needs of the market. For example, in 1997 Kartell introduced the Componibili 4970, a renewed version of the original design, made in new materials and with a more contemporary design.

Today, Kartell Componibili continues to be very popular all over the world, thanks to their versatility and timeless design. This modular furniture comes in different colors and sizes, and can be used in many different ways, both in the home and in the office. Their ability to adapt to the user's needs makes them an excellent choice for those looking for practical and functional furniture, without sacrificing design.

Componibili smile the special edition by Fabio Novembre

In 2017, Kartell collaborated with the famous Italian designer Fabio Novembre to create the Smile dei Componibili series. This series, which reworks the original design of the Componibili, stands out for its playful and playful aspect, which recalls the shape of a smile.

The Smile dei Componibili series is made up of three elements: a cylinder base, a basket section and a lid. These elements can be stacked on top of each other to create a tower of cylindrical units, or used individually as side tables or storage units. The main feature of the Smile series is the curved and sinuous shape of the basket section, which recalls the shape of a smile.

Kartell Componibili Smile Fabio November
Kartell Componibili Smile Fabio November

The Smile series was designed by Fabio Novembre with the aim of creating fun and cheerful furniture that is able to bring a smile to people's lips. Thanks to its curved and sinuous shape, this series is perfect for furnishing informal and playful environments, such as a bedroom or a living room. The Smile series of Kartell Componibili stands out for its innovative and fun design, which has conquered the public from all over the world.

The Componibili with metal finishes from the Precious Kartell collection

In 2014, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Kartell presented its products clad in precious metallic finishes. The theme of the collection is "Precious Kartell", an even greater focus on the quality, preciousness, glamor and luxury of plastic materials. Introducing new gold, silver, platinum, gunmetal and bronze finishes, Kartell amazed with exclusive and brilliant novelties.

The project involved 15 product lines, including the Componibili. The Kartell icons, already loved and known all over the world, dressed in precious clothes in the new colors mentioned above. The use of gold, silver, platinum, gunmetal and bronze finishes lend a touch of luxury and sophistication to these already iconic design creations. A perfect union between the quality and brilliance of Kartell plastic materials and the opulence of metallic finishes.

Kartell Precious
Kartell Precious

These Kartell proposals open up infinite possibilities in interior design. The high quality plastic materials offer exceptional durability and a wide range of colors and finishes, which blend perfectly with different furnishing styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary. The use of Kartell elements in gold, silver, platinum, gunmetal and bronze finishes adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the rooms, creating a unique and luxurious space.

The "Precious Kartell" finishes also offer the possibility of creating personalized combinations, mixing and matching the different colors and finishes to obtain a unique and customized effect. For example, you can opt for a Kartell chair in transparent polycarbonate with legs in a gold finish, or a coffee table with a silver finish top combined with chairs in a gunmetal finish. The possibilities are endless and allow you to express your creativity and unique style.

Kartell Componibili side table
Kartell Componibili side table

How to use kartell modular units in contemporary interior design

The Kartell Componibili are a classic of Italian design, known for their versatility and functionality. Thanks to their modular design and their ability to adapt to different needs, the Componibili have become a popular choice for interior design, but how can you use the Kartell Componibili in interior design to create functional environments with a unique style?

  • As containers. One of the most common ways to use Componibili in interior design is as containers. Thanks to their cylindrical shape, the Componibili are perfect for storing objects of various sizes, such as books, magazines, toys and home accessories. Placed in the living room or bedroom, the Componibili can become a functional and decorative element at the same time.
  • Like side tables. The Kartell Componibili can also be used as coffee tables. Thanks to their compact shape and their adjustable height, the Componibili are perfect for creating a functional and versatile seating area. Placed next to the sofa or armchair, the Componibili can become the perfect place to store a cup of tea or a book.
  • As dividers. Componibili can also be used as room dividers to create a separation between two areas of a room. Thanks to their cylindrical shape and their ability to be stacked on top of each other, Componibili can create a separate area within a room, such as a study corner in a living room for example.
  • Like bathroom fixtures. Kartell Componibili can also be used as bathroom furniture. Thanks to their ability to resist humidity, the Componibili are perfect for storing towels or bathroom accessories. Positioned next to the bathtub or shower, the Componibili can become a functional element with a unique style for the bathroom.
  • As decorative elements. Finally, the Kartell Componibili can be used as decorative elements. Thanks to their unique shape and bright colours, the Componibili can become real design objects. Placed on a shelf or on a piece of furniture, the Componibili can add a touch of style and personality to any environment.
  • As bedside tables. Kartell modular units are versatile and elegant, perfect for use as bedside tables as well. Kartell modular units can be positioned as bedside tables next to the bed, using a single module to place a table lamp or a glass of water during the night. This offers a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to having everything at your fingertips. The vast range of colors and finishes available for Kartell modular units allows them to be combined with different color palettes and furnishing styles. You can choose transparent models for a light and ethereal look, or opaque models for a more opulent and sophisticated touch. Furthermore, the high-quality plastic materials used for Kartell modular units are resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for everyday use as bedside tables. A more creative way to use Kartell modular units as a bedside table is to stack different modules to create a vertical composition. For example, two or three modules can be stacked in height to create a small tower, which can function as a nightstand next to the bed.
Quai Aux Fleurs by Fleur Delesalle. PhotographyVincent Leroux
Quai Aux Fleurs by Fleur Delesalle. PhotographyVincent Leroux

In summary, the Kartell Componibili are an excellent choice for interior design thanks to their versatility and functionality. Used as containers, coffee tables, dividers, bathroom furnishings or decorative elements, the Componibili can add a touch of style, originality and color to any environment.

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