Thermostatic bath mixers by OMBG. Versatile and functional

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Thermostatic bath mixers by OMBG. Versatile and functional it has been modified: 2023-07-27 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

OMBG also offers reliable thermostatic solutions for the bathtub.

Among the numerous proposals of OMBG thermostatic mixers that combine precise mechanical technologies and soft lines, there are various well-finished and reliable solutions for the bathtub.

The wall-mounted thermostatic bath mixer with integrated two-way diverter is distinguished by the knurled knobs which facilitate grip. OMBG offers it in two versions, depending on the needs of the installation context. For private use it is equipped with a stop which allows the maximum temperature of the system to be reached, in addition to the 38°C comfort, while for greater safety required by commercial use it is set with a maximum temperature limit of 41°C + 2 °C.

The catalog also includes a bath mixer with the spout that acts as a diverter: the spout, in fact, is oriented so as to divert the water towards the tub or, if repositioned under the body of the mixer, it closes the supply to the tub by opening the output to the hand shower. Construction quality and reliability are guaranteed, as always, by the totally made in OMBG production of the thermostatic cartridge.

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