Aesthetic and Functional Innovation in Bathroom Furnishings: Acquabella and its Eco-Friendly Material Akron®

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Aesthetic and Functional Innovation in Bathroom Furnishings: Acquabella and its Eco-Friendly Material Akron® it has been modified: 2023-04-13 di Social Design Magazine

Acquabella, a leading company in the bathroom furniture sector, offers endless possibilities for customization and expression of one's "multicolour" personality thanks to the vast range of colors available for its products made in Akron®, an innovative material patented by the Valencian brand.

The bathroom is no longer just the classic white, but opens up to infinite customization possibilities thanks to the lively colors offered by Acquabella. Blue, light blue, green, pink and many other shades are available in a vast color palette, to be combined with the seven different high definition textures: Wave, Quiz, Arabba, Beton, Slate, Zero and Nude.

Among the products made in Akron®, the washbasins stand out, such as the iconic Icon Slate, a wall-mounted washbasin with a particular pyramidal shape, and the semi-totem Delia, characterized by high edges and decorations that recall the grooves of the columns Greek. Even the countertop washbasins in the On-Top collection stand out for the expressiveness of their colors and for their minimalist and versatile shapes, available in the Square, Rectangle, Oval and Circle variants, both in the standard and XL versions.

Acquabella also offers customized solutions for particular spaces, such as the Infinity Round washbasin top, specially designed to be cut to size, thus combining chromatic customization with space requirements.

But the color doesn't stop at the washbasins, it is also "transferred" to the shower trays. Among the new products proposed by Acquabella, the Areia Slate Evo shower tray stands out, characterized by a minimalist design that reproduces the soft smoothness of the sand on the shoreline, and the Unic Slate shower tray, with a particular semi-frame that decorates the frame in the superior. Tempo Arabba, on the other hand, offers a classic shower tray configuration, allowing the water to slide along the perimeter and flow into a thin grid that collects the flow, while Smart Quiz stands out for its non-conformist design, with a "prism" texture piano” available in three different variants: Zero, Beton and Ethnic, which create a modern and futuristic effect.

One of the strengths of the Akron® material is its versatility and ease of processing. Thanks to the composite of polyurethane and mineral fillers, Akron® can be easily cut to fit any space or corner, guaranteeing total safety thanks to the absence of silica. Furthermore, the acrylic polyurethane coating on the surface of the material ensures total integration with the support and extraordinary resistance over time to impact and thermal shock.

Akron® is also recognized for its antibacterial properties and very high definition textures, which stand out on the market for their aesthetic and functional quality. Akron® textures are made with an advanced digital printing technology, which allows you to faithfully reproduce the veins and shades of natural materials, such as wood, concrete or stone, offering a realistic and sophisticated look.

Furthermore, Acquabella is committed to guaranteeing sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Akron® is an eco-friendly material, free from harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA) and formaldehyde, and is completely recyclable. Furthermore, the company uses production processes with low environmental impact, optimizing the use of resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

The chromatic customization offered by Acquabella with its Akron® products allows you to create unique bathrooms, an expression of your own style and personality. From bright and bold shades to more neutral and refined colors, Acquabella offers a wide range of choices to satisfy every taste and preference. Thanks to the versatility and performance of Akron®, it is possible to transform the bathroom into a functional and captivating design space that fully reflects one's identity.

In summary, Acquabella offers infinite possibilities for customization and expression of one's creativity thanks to the vast range of colors and textures available in its products made of Akron®, an innovative, eco-friendly and high quality material. The combination of design, functionality and sustainability makes Acquabella an ideal choice for those looking for unique and exclusive bathroom furnishing solutions.

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