Few words: When Writing Becomes Art on the Walls

Naval on set
Naval on set
Few words: When Writing Becomes Art on the Walls it has been modified: 2023-09-21 di Benedetto Fiori

Artist Andrea Cerquiglini created the Pocheparole Capsule Collection for WallPepper®/Group, transforming writing into visual art to decorate walls. This unique collection fuses words and images, offering six new suggestions that enchant observers.

The art of furnishing can be a language in its own right, capable of transforming environments into spaces that tell unique stories. WallPepper®/Group, with its new Capsule Collection Pocheparole, signed by the artist Andrea Cerquiglini, shows us how it is possible to dress the walls with just a few words and create surprising atmospheres.

In a world where interior design has become an art, the choice to furnish a space can be an opportunity to express your creativity and personality. The Pocheparole Capsule Collection by WallPepper®/Group offers an innovative way to do this, through a mix of visual art and writing.

Andrea Cerquiglini, the artist behind this collection, tells us that his inspiration for Pocheparole was born in a period of frequent movements and temporary environments. In this context, he began to draw and write by hand, using pens and colored pencils in simple A4 lined notebooks. This casual experience led him to discover the expressive potential of writing and drawing in small spaces.

Fate then meant that Andrea Cerquiglini met WallPepper®/Group for work reasons, and here he had the opportunity to share his drawings and reflections on wallpaper as an artistic medium. It was an important step, as wallpaper has the power to transform a space into a work of art in itself. Cerquiglini's drawings were no longer confined to a space, but could now become the central element of an environment, a visual architecture.

In the Pocheparole Capsule Collection, writing is no longer just a vehicle of meaning, but becomes a graphic element that merges with visual art. The characters evolve in kaleidoscopic images, offering the observer an unexpected journey through parallel worlds. From a conceptual decoding of the meaning we move on to emotional perception, transforming each wall into a visual poem.

Pocheparole enriches the vast WallPepper®/Group catalog with six new suggestions: “Trees in words”, “Boscostrano”, “Leaves that think they are trees”, “Trees without words”, “I write because I have nothing to say” and “ Naval". These dreamlike graphics and soft colors invite thoughts to wander into reflections, visions and illusions.

Like all WallPepper®/Group Capsule Collections, Pocheparole combines the expressive art of its design with the distinctive characteristics of the brand. The materials used are natural, eco-compatible and highly performing, guaranteeing quality and reliability. Furthermore, the ability to customize the images to fit any wall or ceiling makes this collection one of a kind.

The Pocheparole Capsule Collection by WallPepper®/Group shows us how writing and visual art can merge to create unique works of art, capable of transforming environments into exciting and surprising spaces. With Pocheparole, the walls speak, and the words become full-wall works of art.

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