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Solidarity jewels to help Brazilian hospitals in difficulty

Thais Bernardes solidarity jewelry to help Brazilian hospitals
Solidarity jewels to help Brazilian hospitals in difficulty it has been modified: 2021-07-02 di Benedict Flowers

Former model and jewelry designer, always involved in social causes, Thais Bernardes relaunches two creations and donates part of the proceeds of his own "Solidarity jewelry" to the Red Cross of his country.

A gesture of love! So is the jewelry designer Thais Bernardes proposes two of his creations to the public: the medal Love (in rhodium-plated 925 silver) from the “Palavras” collection, and the necklace Dream catcher (in 925 silver or 925 gold plated silver). Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Brazilian Red Cross, to support it in the purchase of respirators for hospitals in the north-east of the country, one of the regions most affected by the virus. 

"In this very difficult moment, in the midst of the health crisis that is going through my country, I thought it was my duty to help in some way, to lend a hand", explains the Brazilian designer who lives in Milan and in 2015 she founded the brand that bears her name.

"The situation of public hospitals in Brazil is chaotic, and in my small way, I want to give my contribution in this fight against Covid-19"adds Thais Bernardes who had the help of two dear Brazilian friends, the ex-velina Thais Wiggers and the ex-model Nathalia Santos in this solidarity campaign.

“With these jewels, in addition to supporting the cause, you will always carry their meaning with you. Dream catchers, for example, represent the web of life, nature, reminding us that everything is interconnected, encouraging us to pay more attention to our life and our dreams ", he specifies Thais Bernardes.

The partnership between Thais Bernardes and the Red Cross, one of the most important voluntary organizations in the world, inaugurates a solidarity campaign against Covid-19 in the state of Ceará, north of Brazil, which already accounts for more than 600 cases and 17 deaths . "With the money arrived from Italy, through Thais and other partners, we could buy respirators for local hospitals and personal protective equipment as well as offer food aid for the most vulnerable families"explains Georgya Almeida, a member of the national council of the Brazilian Red Cross and chief of staff of the organization's branch in Ceará, chaired by Allan Damasceno. Today, Brazil is one of the countries suffering most from the pandemic: more than 400 people have died throughout its territory.

The solidarity jewels of Thais Bernardes

The solidarity jewels of Thais Bernardes - 100% "Made in Italy" - they thrill with their essential design. The Brazilian soul and love for her land have always been a source of inspiration for the designer who was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, capital of the state of Minas Gerais, known to the world for its incredible concentration of mines rich in stones. Of every kind.

“The choice of these two jewels for this specific charity action is no coincidence. The word Amor (love) has always been a motto in my life. Today, more than ever, we must give a gesture of love to the people who have to face this disease many times alone ”.

Observe the former model and designer, who moved to Italy in 2003 and has always been sensitive to solidarity causes.

The latest collection designed by Thais Bernardes, inspired by the Carnival. Here the gold used in some of the creations is extracted by South American artisans, in particular by Colombians, Peruvians and Bolivians, whose working conditions in the mines are protected by the FAIRMINED association. To make this possible, buyers pay a premium, in addition to the price set for gold, to be reinvested in local community projects.

The jewels are for sale on the site

Who is Thais Bernardes

Thais Bernardes was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais. She moved to Italy in 2003, in her early twenties, to pursue a career as a model, and at the same time she cultivated her passion for jewelry, attending courses in Gemology and Design, achieving a specialization in Fashion Brand Management in 2010. In 2015 he founded the brand that bears his name.

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