Rural Boxx / Jump

Rural Boxx / Jump it has been modified: 2011-05-06 di jessica zannori

Rural Boxx  sent us Jump, a project already premiered at the SUN Rimini October 2010. Rural Boxx is a group of friends (Alessandro Zorzetto, Francesca Modolo, Luciano Aldrighi, Luca Vivan), architects and artists, who work together to identify intervention strategies in tune with nature, designing materials like

clay, hay, wood and waste materials, and promoting recycling and self-construction as fundamental techniques for architectures and objects flight. The project's basic module hay bale. It is thought to hay in its various forms, packaged and bulk, interpreting this change of state from the traditional types of storage (such as drying arfa thirty or ilkozolec Slovenian) and from the custom of rural accumulate sheaves. The result is a huge container with a compact base and a top vaporous where you can dive, sit, lie down, relax and entertain. JUMP! is a portable and easy to assemble; is a sustainable project, made with certified wood and zero environmental impact; installation is versatile, that can occupy a parking space in the city; is a small urban conservation, which in addition to the dip in the hay can be used as an area for artistic performances, outdoor cinema or picnic area.





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