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Milan Design Week 2012, Ghigos ideas involving Logh and Alessandro Rocca presents the installation Setting the city explorations between different scales of project.

Ghigos ideas studio invites an urban planner and a landscape architect to design together a “city of objects” that, step by step, will take you by the throat! A city of objects, a landscape “close at hand”: a table that welcomes iconic monument-objects (or are they buildings in miniature?) As emergencies. In a continuous game between different scales and references between architecture and design, between urban and domestic dimensions, the layout of the floor is confused with a large architectural model.

Again, but with lightness and hybridizing the parts, we move "from the spoon to the city" ... because, here, "the spoon IS the city"! Looking at a table and finding it "urbanized" ... Seeing a salt cellar and discovering it "inhabited" ... It is our eyes that give value to things, but a screen that acts as a filter is enough to take us beyond the habit. It is the point of view that changes reality and makes us experience a surreal walk among the objects, which thus lose their purely functional value and discover themselves as "other": they are parts of a world that is only apparently paradoxical, they become a treasure chest of our emotions .

You can therefore find yourself climbing a cutting board, observing a jug waiting for its sudden eruption, or ready to dive into a tray in which, fortunately, the water will never be too high ... Not yet consumers, nor simple owners, we find ourselves custodians of simulacra that define a new urban horizon. From the wine corner to the forest of taste, the traditional zoning is rediscovered as a culinary matrix, to indulge all urban flavors… the toponymy thus becomes narrative. Symbol and metaphor. In the middle, the Stuzzicanti invade the table and, like a miniature forest, define the sky-line in whose clearings stand plates like houses, pots that simulate squares or pepper mills that appear contemporary skyscrapers with faceted elevations. From the coffee pot that "snorts" to the Castle à la carte for a balanced snack, from the cutting board that steals the tears to the "drip-free" ice cream cone, to the glasses that measure the "wine fever" and the cheese strain to climb, we will a collection that thinks around the theme of food, always offering a “lateral” point of view on objects, in search of that design waste that allows us to recode their uses, symbols, meanings and rituals.


The setting-up 
The table, set up as an urban masterplan, hosts a new collection of objects that reflects on the world of the table and the kitchen. The individual products acquire an iconic dimension and refer to an urban landscape, creating a real "city of objects".



Castello à la carte an aperitif system for food in spatial and culinary balance 
A set of plates with different possibilities of interlocking and assembly, to build "castles of courses" as if they were "castles of cards". Vertical aperitifs canapes different architectures for chefs who want to find the most appropriate "shape" for their dishes. Production: Piazza Effepi





Landscape1: figurations of "mountain" the cheese platter for culinary "climbs" 
A block that houses the cheese knives is integrated into the cutting board, now “elevated” to the rank of tray. The individual knife handles simulate high altitude glaciers, while “downstream” the grain is presented in precious fragments to be savored.



Landscape 2: figurations of "plain" the row-gnocchi cutting board ... from the peasant matrix. 
A relief texture refers to systems of plowed fields: it is an allegorical design, a warp that alludes to the different workings of the earth and that here also assumes a functional value. The bas-relief, in fact, is used to engrave the surface of the gnocchi and pasta, giving them personalized "lines".






Paper · a bar set for a coffee break "which is not a fold ·" ··
An airplane carrier bags of sugar and a little bird napkin holders seem to stop almost by chance on the table, while a · open book with ear-catching reminder through its pages · the menu of the day.The origami arise as "the service" all the bartenders who want · tear a smile to their customers, bringing them back with the memory to a tempo.Produzione · Games: Metallurgica Motta ·
The collection of objects: a selection ·


Tantalizing toothpicks for winking snacks 
The traditional toothpick is transformed and offers new design opportunities: for aperitifs that are also aesthetically appealing, for those who love to enjoy several tastings at the same time and for those who want to combine play and food, fun and waiting. “Trees” toothpicks are born, branched for a new landscape of tastes, or competitive pawns of a consumable chessboard. Production: Piazza Effepi


Temporary Museum for New Design 2012 Discovering Section via Tortona 27 - 20144 Milan · event organized by Superstudio Group · Open to the public during the Salone del Mobiled from 17 to 22 April 2012, 10:00 - 21:00 Press Preview: 16 April 2012, 15:00 pm - 20:00 pm Free admission upon online registration at the link

The project was born from the collaboration with Lago Maggiore Casalinghi, the VCO Chamber of Commerce and its special company Fedora.

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