Andy Martin / Gridspace, Milan Design Week 2012

Andy Martin / Gridspace, Milan Design Week 2012 it has been modified: 2012-04-02 di Benedetto Fiori

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2012 Andy Martin, London Design Studio, will present Gridspace within the Brera Design District a new ambitious project in collaboration with PPP, a Venetian company leader in the production of plastic products.

Gridspace explores the rigor of geometry and the transparency of plastic. It is the development of Andy's passion for materiality and elementary constructions. Despite the inherent limitations of a grid, Andy tries to communicate the excitement and vitality of the liquid ABS material and acrylic plastic through transparency and the use of colors. Here the form plays a secondary role in the realization of the object. The Gridspace tables can be modified and recreated at will by inserting the colored tiles inside the base grid in order to design an object in continuous transformation, playing with the imagination.

Collaboration between Andy Martin and it allows PPP to bring their work into new areas of experimentation. This edition Limited offers the opportunity 'to re-think along with the existing product and its potential, new materials and new processes that would be prohibitively expensive to use in terms of mass production. 


17-21 April 2012 8 Via Varese, Brera Design District Milan Design Week

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