anticipations of the Furniture Fair 2011 / Roberto Giacomucci for Kubedesign

anticipations of the Furniture Fair 2011 / Roberto Giacomucci for Kubedesign it has been modified: 2021-08-08 di Benedetto Fiori

Yet some advances of the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2011, send to Roberto Giacomucci and made by the Kubedesign brand

The new STRONG collection designed by Roberto Giacomucci and created by the Kubedesign brand owes its name to the experimentation of a new honeycomb cardboard with exceptional flatness and mechanical resistance, resistant to different climatic conditions and, if necessary, available with fireproof treatment. This material has a core made up of honeycomb cells arranged perpendicular to the faces that enclose it; the external surfaces are thus made hygroscopically resistant and dimensionally stable. The apparent fragility of the material skilfully hides the bearing capacity of the structures, which do not renounce aesthetic values, thanks also to the customizations with textures. Cardboard enters fully into the world of contract.
The complements made are extremely light, versatile and suitable for various settings: from in-store promotional systems to furniture, from displays to shelving. The only thing that can limit the expressive possibilities of the STRONG collection is our imagination!

Derived from an elaboration of the chair designed on the occasion of the Pope's visit to Malta in 2010, it is a chair with armrests with a cardboard structure with a sophisticated square line. The seat is in neutral cardboard or with interchangeable covers with water-repellent coverings. Dimensions: cm L48 x P50 x H85.


Bergère harmonizes the essential characteristics of the classic armchair of the same name: the armrests on which to rest your hands and arms and the headrest for the correct position of the head and back, to give rise to a truly eco-smart furnishing accessory.A bergère armchair that focuses on essentiality and elegance, meeting those who appreciate the details of style, but love the eco-sustainable style. Dimensions: cm L70 x P53 x H90.


Hypothetically, this table has an infinitely customizable dimension thanks to the design stratagem that has meant that the legs are not monolithically linked to the support surface, but connected to it by means of bolts. Cardboard table with essential lines made to measure.


Stool made of honeycomb cardboard, presents linear forms capable of suggesting firmness and resistance. Small, but strong character, manages to leave an incisive sign of style in any environment. You can customize the seat in neutral cardboard with colored covers and / or printed. Dimensions: cm x L35 P32 x H46.


Almost a modern "manufactured" the art of origami, the folds, the joints and forms that are created between the different elements in cardboard and that have allowed the creation of this chair, determine the fundamental characteristic: rationality. The joints that connect the various parts give stability and strength to this complement of which it is possible to customize both the backrest that the session. Dimensions: cm x L40 P53 x H90.


It is the first of its kind, paper, cardboard and words: the perfect recipe for a unique bookcase. UniKa as the cardboard sheet from which it is born is unique thanks to the expert folds that ensure stability and strength, producing a minimum amount of waste (also 100% recyclable).
Consists of four shelves fixed height has the following dimensions: cm x L76 P30 x H145.


The rounded front is sinuously shaped to conceal the essential strength of the structure, playing gracefully with the folds of the cardboard. The soft lines harmonize well with the more decisive features of the upper part. The result is a set, with a green soul, extremely modern, and versatile, suitable for both domestic and representative environments. Dimensions: L80 x D60 x H90

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