Barel: Elio Garis plays the wrought iron of art and design

Barel Elio Garis Hydra design based Cube 1
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A new expressive language for wrought iron is the one that comes from the meeting of Barel with Elio Garis.

“When Barel asked me to try to give a new interpretation, to experiment a new expressive language for wrought iron and in particular for a collection of beds, I was thrilled.

Primarily to the use of iron, the material I'm using a lot in recent years and that is leading me toward sharper lines, dynamics and

in a sense aggressive. Then, because I was specifically asked to contaminate, to experiment, even inserting new materials in combination. To "warm up" and make soft and enveloping the iron bed I chose to work with wood and padding.

I entered the wood, especially in structural forms, to "frame" the wrought iron elements, to give the iron itself new energy, new emphasis, a job as an actor first.

In my projects I look for the line, continuity of form, harmony, serenity. I do not know whether it is correct to speak of the serenity of the form, but it is a concept that I feel very, I find that it represents the fulfillment of a form and, moreover, is a concept that adapts beautifully to the sleeping area, which in itself is the site of rest in the round.

The creative process, whether for a sculpture or for a sculptural object with a function of use, such as a bed, is something truly magical that binds the designer to his works. It is almost a spiritual bond. The relationship is never unidirectional, while plasm is the material that sometimes directs me, it is a relationship with an element that takes shape through my hands. Gradually it becomes autonomous. He doesn't let himself be bent to your desires, but guides you. Feel the forces and energies it wants to release and work to give them a way to externalize and express themselves. Matter and form, therefore, interact and solidify around an idea, which is a manually shaped substance. Just what happens every day in the Barel workshops ".

Elio Garis

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