Agora / Nicola De Ponti for Tubes

Agora / Nicola De Ponti for Tubes it has been modified: 2012-04-20 di jessica zannori

As for the agora - heart of the polis - of ancient Greece, the new aluminum radiator designed by Nicola De Ponti for Tubes aspires to become the fulcrum of the contemporary home, around which people gather and experience the warmth of the home. Three-dimensional modularity and plasticity of forms are the two distinctive features of Agorà, which it confirms

a design approach strongly geared to innovation. The sinuous lines speak the language of the contemporary but proceed through memory retrieval. The reinterpretation of styles clearly inspired types consolidated assumes power, freshness and a new world of meaning by virtue of a thorough process of transformation of scale of the radiating element. Freely scalable through the composition of single elements, Agorà plays on the thin edge that defines and unites the essential sphere technique and pure emotion. Plastic and softly curved, is thought to any place but, thanks to its versatility, fits perfectly with particular discretion and elegance in environments with reduced size, or in large spaces such as open space, loft, or high ceilings.


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