Kaldewei / tubs colored bathroom

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Kaldewei / tubs colored bathroom it has been modified: 2012-04-20 di jessica zannori

The bathtubs colored give a sensual look to the bathroom, in tune with the new matt colors currently in vogue for enamelled shower trays. Design, technical refinements, features from Spa: the bathroom is transformed from a functional room into a modern oasis of comfort, individually decorated like an inviting retreat for relaxation. Therefore, today, in the design of the bathroom did not tip on the classic white: natural materials such as wood and stone are

much loved for the floor and walls of the bathrooms and are completed with matching accessories. With enamelled shower trays in twelve colors opaque Coordinated Colours, Kaldewei offers since 2011 the possibility of using the colors currently in vogue even in the shower area. Immediately bathtubs design in precious steel enamel 3,5 mm Kaldewei, with the selection of five new color tones, give the bathroom a new and sensual look. The modern bathroom furniture is characterized by a generous use of open spaces, characterized by warm colors and natural materials to create a relaxing environment. A complete line of shower trays glazed in hues of the Coordinated Colours Collection, the lines of bathtubs Kaldewei Asymmetric Duo, Duo Center, Conoduo Elipsoduo and are now available in five exclusive matt colors: Lava Black, Oyster Grey, Seashell Cream and Arctic White, who in addition to remember the purity of nature can also be combined perfectly with wooden surfaces, marble or other natural stones. The elegant Anthracite City Opaque complete with panache the color palette of bathtubs. The natural colors are in demand not only in the bathroom. A classic white bathroom is always required, but we are moving towards a new aesthetic in which dominate the colors and elegance of natural materials. The trend is to larger bathrooms, with the surfaces of the showers at the level of the floor or the bath tubs deviating from the walls.

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