Twin, the new eco-friendly three-dimensional cardboard Projects Cuckoo

Twin red basic three-quarter low
Twin, the new eco-friendly three-dimensional cardboard Projects Cuckoo it has been modified: 2015-02-12 di jessica zannori

The 2015 start with a new challenge for projects: the construction of a cuckoo entirely in three-dimensional cartoon.

Twin, born by the inspiration, creativity and research of Kuadra Studio, is in fact completely different from the objects so far realized in wood, metal or coated with other materials but of wooden structures.

Projects had to, therefore, examining the characteristics considering the uses and environments insertion and placement of the mechanisms for the clock and the cuckoo.

Twin is eco friendly, light, soft, rounded, elegant, simple, colorful and versatile. And 'it born a product that combines design, research, technology and Made in Italy.

Twin is available as a table, wall and freestanding thanks to a metal support rod; also its shape and internal architecture allows the same cuckoo be oriented either horizontally or vertically depending on the tastes and needs.

The color is natural from the card, adorned at the front by a white print, purple, red or black.

Even with this change confirms the desire to innovate and innovate company that is always in step with the times and technologies; its products, before being clocks, cuckoo clocks, hangers, etc. are real furnishing accessories, decorative items with a unique design that go beyond their primary function.

Twin vertical front violates basic low

Twin black front wall low

Twin vertical purple wall three quarters low

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