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The other side of the cardboard

From 7 to 27 March 2018 at the Cultural Association Galfer20 it will be possible to visit the monographic exhibition "Angelo Lussiana. The other side of the cardboard ".


The Italian summer according to Lessmore ecodesign

The summer of Lessmore has the taste of strawberries and pistachios, tomatoes and cherries that color the Italian tables in warm weather.


Adventures in cardboard: furniture for little heroes designed by the duo “Eco & You”.

Adventures cardboard: furniture for little heroes, effective and functional design, environmental sustainability and quality of the material used.



The board, by a three-year period or so, has burst into my creative activity: it is imposed because of its versatility, the easy availability as material reuse, for its hidden qualities of strength, warmth and softness.


CONFUSION - A chair from cardboard scraps

Did you happen to do things with the cardboard? If you did you will have noticed that at the end of each working your laboratory is invaded by cuttings of every kind and size, waste inevitably destined to be destroyed.