An avant-garde industrial building in the heart of Felgueiras that combines functionality and aesthetics

An avant-garde industrial building in the heart of Felgueiras that combines functionality and aesthetics it has been modified: 2023-06-25 di Benedetto Fiori

The BRADCO industrial building, designed by Em Paralelo, represents an architectural landmark in the industrial area of ​​Felgueiras. This innovative structure combines functionality and aesthetics, offering a bright and comfortable work environment with a panoramic balcony that integrates with the surrounding landscape and promotes moments of relaxation for employees and customers.

The BRADCO industrial building, with its innovative design by Em Paralelo, stands majestically in the industrial area of ​​Felgueiras, in the municipality of Castelo de Paiva. Although its main activity is related to the leather goods sector, over the years the company has expanded its production to include bracelets, belts, bags, briefcases, wallets, shoes and more. Today, BRADCO is a renowned company that collaborates with internationally renowned brands.

The BRADCO Industrial Unit project was conceived with the goal of increasing production and creating new jobs, while stimulating employment and the regional economy. The vision of transforming the industrial unit into an autonomous and continuously growing structure was at the heart of the design process.

The building is spread over two floors, each with distinctive characteristics. With a rectangular shape, the production area occupies the centre, while on the north, east and south sides there are the rooms, offices and spaces necessary for the optimal functioning of the company. The main feature of the production area is the sawtooth zenithal roof, which guarantees constant natural light thanks to its northerly orientation.

The administrative offices, located on the privileged side of the building, offer a panoramic view to the south, embracing the landscape that characterizes the region. To make the most of this privileged side and offer the offices an ideal space for a relaxing break, a balcony was designed that extends along the entire length. The balcony becomes a sort of "extension of the landscape", with two circular openings in the floor which allow the vegetation of the lower floor to grow upwards. A stone staircase connects the balcony to the lower floor.

The basement houses the main entrance to the building and includes the atrium and a meeting room. Unlike the upper floor, which occupies the entire rectangular shape, the basement occupies only a part of it for morphological reasons. Due to its location, this floor benefits from direct sunlight from the south, east and west. The balcony also plays an important role in the entrance plan, providing shade and creating a space for recreation and contemplation of the landscape. A solid stone bench is strategically placed to offer a point of reference to the surrounding environment. Two cypress trees, which emerge through the circular holes in the floor, give dynamism and variations of light to the surrounding green area.

From the outset, the client expressed the will to transform the BRADCO industrial unit into an architectural landmark that best represents the brand within the municipality. Since the building's main entrance is on the opposite side, the north facade was used to create a dynamic showcase of the “BRADCO” brand. This facade serves as a focal point for anyone walking in front of the building. Some sections of the walls are faced with granite, a typical stone of the region, which gives a local touch to the architecture.

This architectural project stands out for its attention to detail and the harmonious fusion of functional design and aesthetics. The abundant presence of natural light from the sawtooth roof creates a bright and pleasant atmosphere within the production area, promoting a comfortable working environment. Furthermore, the balcony and the circular openings in the floor allow nature to enter the building, creating a visual link between the interior and exterior spaces.

The BRADCO industrial unit is not only a place of production and work, but also a meeting and representation point for the brand. The panoramic balcony offers a welcoming space for employees and customers, where they can enjoy a relaxing break and admire the suggestive surrounding landscape. Furthermore, the attention paid to environmental sustainability, evident from the integration of nature into the building, demonstrates the company's commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection.

The BRADCO industrial building, thanks to its innovative design and its harmonious integration with the natural context, stands as an example of modern and functional architecture. Symbol of progress and success, it represents not only the BRADCO company, but also the economic growth and sustainable development of the region of Felgueiras and Castelo de Paiva.

project info

Project name: BRADCO
Architecture Office: Em Parallel
Main Architect: Cristina Vaz Santos and Paulo Rodrigues
Facebook: www.facebook/marcaemparalelo
Rental: Castle of Paiva
Year of conclusion: 2020
total area: 5500m2
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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