Bold by Devoteam in Porto: an office that reflects the identity of the city and the essence of the company

Bold by Devoteam in Porto is an office that reflects the identity of the city and the essence of the company. Inception Architects Studio
Bold by Devoteam in Porto: an office that reflects the identity of the city and the essence of the company it has been modified: 2023-06-15 di Benedetto Fiori

Bold by Devoteam has opened a new office in Porto, Northern Portugal, at the charming Palácio dos Correios. Designed by Inception Architects Studio, the office combines different workspaces to foster collaboration and creativity.

Bold by Devoteam, a leading international technology and consultancy firm, continues to impress with its innovative approach to office design. After a series of successes in the country, the company decided to expand its operations by opening a new office in the beautiful city of Porto, in the north of Portugal. For this ambitious project, Bold has chosen to collaborate with the architecture studio Inception Architects, known for its unique and avant-garde style.

The location chosen for the new Porto office is the iconic Palácio dos Correios, located in the pulsating heart of the city, with its fascinating architecture and intrinsic history. This choice demonstrates Bold's willingness to merge its modern spirit with the historical heritage of the place, thus creating a unique and stimulating environment for its employees.

Like all Bold offices, the Porto office has also been designed to foster collaboration, interaction and creativity. The office layout features several work areas that combine harmoniously. A small but welcoming reception welcomes visitors and creates a warm atmosphere right from the start. The core of the office consists of six small meeting rooms, perfect for private meetings and team discussions. Alongside these, there are spaces dedicated to informal meetings and brainstorming sessions, where employees can let their creativity run wild.

The heart of the office also houses three small spaces called "pods", which offer privacy and tranquility for individual work or confidential conversations. These spaces are designed to be flexible and adaptable to different employee needs.

In addition to the working areas, the Porto office also includes two different zones dedicated to administration. An open-space area favors collaboration between employees, while another more closed area guarantees privacy and concentration for administrative activities. A small auditorium was included to host lectures and presentations, demonstrating Bold's commitment to encouraging knowledge sharing and professional development of its employees.

Paying homage to the city of Porto and its rich culture, local elements and materials have been used in the design of the office. Colors and tiles have been chosen to recall the vibrant atmosphere of the city and to create an emotional link with the place where the office is located. The predominant colors of the palette are white, black and grey, which give the room a sober elegance. However, in contrast to these neutral tones, the bold and dynamic colors of the Bold brand emerge in the details of the furnishings and decorative elements, adding a touch of vitality and energy to the office. Furthermore, precious wood has been used for the details of the floor and furniture, bringing an element of warmth and nobility to the overall environment.

The main design objective of the Porto office is to create a fluid and dynamic space, in line with Bold's values ​​and distinctive characteristics. The stimulating environment fosters collaboration and interaction among employees, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies between teams. Moments of relaxation and socializing are just as important, and for this reason a food court has been provided, where employees can enjoy meals together and spend pleasant moments of leisure.

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project info

Project name: Bold by Devoteam: Porto Office
Architecture Office: Inception Architects Studio
Location: Palácio dos Correios, Porto
Year of conclusion: 2021
total area: 500m2
Builder: Silogia, SA
Architectural photographer: Ivo Tavares Studio

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