A prestigious office for OGK Group that combines creativity, status and specialization of the company

A prestigious office for OGK Group. Bureau ARCHPOINT. Photo Olga Melekestseva
A prestigious office for OGK Group that combines creativity, status and specialization of the company it has been modified: 2023-05-19 di Benedetto Fiori

An Imposing Mining Office that reflects the company's specialization by combining status and creativity. Archpoint creates a prestigious space with high quality materials, refined design and details inspired by mining, which reflect the company's status and seriousness.

Entering the new office of mining services company OGK Group is like entering a palatial home with expensive finishes, high-end furnishings and designer objets d'art. The task of the Archpoint studio architects was to create a space that would underline the company's high status and at the same time demonstrate a creative approach to business.

Behind the brick facade, guests are greeted by a minimalistic, yet expensive and well-designed interior done in soothing colors and textured materials like wood, glass, and concrete. The color palette is based on natural shades of beige, brown, gray and black.

On the first three floors of the four-story building there is a spacious hall, offices and meeting rooms, all done in the same style and color scheme. The fourth floor is dedicated to the relaxation area with a lighter design thanks to the accent on the light gray colour.

The walls in the entrance area, offices and meeting rooms are partially decorated with gray plaster with a concrete texture, and partially with natural oak panels that are pleasant to the touch. The flooring throughout the office is made of large, marble-like porcelain tiles.

The fine materials are complemented by genuine leather furniture. Soft sofas in the hall attract guests with their tactile texture, minimalist and elegant armchairs in meeting rooms and offices are made by the Dutch company Jess. For serious and comfortable negotiations, the architects chose massive oak leaf wooden tables made by the Kinnarps company.

It is pleasing to the eye that the details of the decor refer to the main specialization of the company - mining services. This is reflected in the natural materials chosen, the robust lines, the abundance of stone in the furnishings, as well as the design objects found throughout the building.

For example, on the first floor there is a large custom table made of stone, as if carved from the rock itself. The table consists of several large stones assembled in a large composition and covered with a stone slab. The rough texture of the table and the stones of different widths in the table base are reminiscent of the architecture of the Mayan culture.

Another design table created for the secretary is located on the third floor. The design of the table fits into the overall style of decor: its base is made of concrete and covered with an artificial stone top. This table is an eye-catcher, so the architects carefully reserved a space within the concrete base for all computer cables and other equipment so that the electrical system is hidden from view.

In one of the rooms on a soft carpet stands a small coffee table, as if made of rock cubes - another reference to mining.

The office on Glazovsky Lane was created for a reliable company whose activities do not allow lightness. The architects of the Archpoint studio managed to combine seriousness and grandeur with a creative approach to design. The result is a space that motivates to work productively, inspires and creates a sense of belonging to a large and reputable organization.

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