“Ubojnia” (slaughterhouse) by Karina wiciak

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“Ubojnia” (slaughterhouse) by Karina wiciak it has been modified: 2024-06-01 di Marica Pitotti

Space 'Ubojnia'by the Polish designer karina wiciak it is not just an interior design, but a combination of design and art. The goal of the installation was not to create banal trendy interiors, but a place full of symbols and metaphors on the border between architecture and performance.

At first glance, what you notice is a line pattern, a sketch that not only highlights the main decorative element, but also visually changes the scale of the room. The effect gives the impression that the user has shrunk, or is in a surreal environment. Seemingly made of paper, the armchairs are suspended from meat hooks or tied to chains, symbolizing omnipresent restrictions on creativity in art and design. The same word 'Ubojnia', which means slaughterhouse in Polish can indicate killing of talent and creation.


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