Inside Serena Confalonieri's universe: her home in Milan is a bright loft, a symbiosis of design and life

Serena Confalonieri Casa Lambrate Ph. Beppe Brancato
Inside Serena Confalonieri's universe: her home in Milan is a bright loft, a symbiosis of design and life it has been modified: 2023-09-20 di Benedetto Fiori

Serena Confalonieri's new home is an eclectic and bright loft in Milan, located in the Lambrate district. This unique space is characterized by a multiplicity of materials and styles, combining modern concrete with the warmth of wood. Serena has personalized the house with sentimental objects and self-productions, creating a welcoming and creative environment.

In the lively Lambrate neighborhood of Milan, the renowned designer Serena Confalonieri opens the doors of her new home, a two-story loft bathed in natural light, shared with her partner Marcello and their affectionate Lakeland Terrier named Fausto. This kaleidoscopic space perfectly reflects the designer's eclectic and resolute soul, offering a unique vision of her personality.

Inside this house, products from world-famous design companies such as Alpi, Ceramica Cielo, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, l'Opificio, MyHomeCollection, MM Lampadari, Mohebban, Perennials, Saba, Sambonet, Very Simple Kitchen, Wall&Decò and Wilson&Morris, together with self-produced pieces and objects dear to Serena, collected during her travels. The house thus becomes a mirror of Serena's irony, creating a warm and welcoming nest, perfect for preserving and creating memories.

As soon as you cross the threshold, you find yourself in an environment that surprises with its harmony between full and empty spaces, straight lines and curves, giving life to a contemporary and fluid lifestyle. The different areas of the house are defined by the skilful use of materials: concrete, modern and imposing, and wood, warm and bright. Additionally, Serena transformed the walls into color blocks using Wilson&Morris paints.

The main area of ​​the house is a large open space that houses the living area. The living room, conceived by the designer as a place of relaxation and inspiration, is dominated by the soft Pixel sofa by Saba, covered with the Loop fabric from l'Opificio, inviting guests to feel at home. Next to it, the Ring coffee table by Saba is perfect for board games and drinks during moments of leisure.

A notable feature is the large custom-made wall cabinet, entirely covered with Alpi surfaces from the Quadra collection in oak finish, which creates a continuous line from the parquet floor to the wall. This piece of furniture is framed by colorful art and personal items such as Calypso glasses, Nebula bongs and Masai vases.

The living area, located behind the sofa, blends harmoniously with the kitchen, without interruptions. The kitchen is made with the table from the Zdora collection, a project created by Serena Confalonieri in collaboration with La Pietra Compattata and Very Simple Kitchen. The Baba armchairs, designed by Serena herself for MyHomeCollection, add a touch of elegance.

For the lighting, Serena carefully chose the Mata collections for the kitchen, Tropicana for the dining room and Lotus for the living room, creating a unique atmosphere in every area of ​​the house.

The industrial mood of the furniture in the living area contains objects that Serena is very fond of, such as the trays from the Kyma collection for Sambonet and a vintage Olivetti typewriter. Every detail of the home is imbued with personal meaning, offering an intimate glimpse into the designer's life.

The sleeping area, located on a mezzanine, is furnished with the Layla collection by MM Lampadari. Two night lights, placed on the sides of the handcrafted bed, delicately illuminate the room. The walk-in closet is hidden by a white and blue vertical striped curtain by Perennials, from the Go To Stripes collection.

In stark contrast with the light shades of the rest of the house, the bathroom is characterized by dark shades of black and green. The wooden cabinet with white sink and green ceramic plate from the Delfo collection by Ceramica Cielo creates a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind environment.

Serena Confalonieri's new home is configured as a nest where every corner tells a part of her life, leaving room for the future. A place where creativity and elegance mix in a unique mix, making this house an extraordinary example of design and personality.

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