Renovate the house is now more affordable thanks to government incentives and House Dream

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Renovate the house is now more affordable thanks to government incentives and House Dream it has been modified: 2012-07-13 di Enrica Garuglieri

The house is one of the cornerstones for Italians, it must be a setting to display with satisfaction, where you can feel at ease and get friends and family, for these reasons, it needs to be taken care of in every detail.

Italians at home should feel good and safe, the Gfk Eurisko, commissioned by the Consortium Stile21, asked a sample of Italian 1115 "what it means to feel good in their own home." The data reveals that the well-being in the home and in the home is a multidimensional experience: means staying in a spacious and bright, able to protect the serenity family; the home must integrate the functional requirements and aesthetic of the family and of the individuals who live there (practicality and attention to detail). The house, which is large or small, has to bear in all its rooms and its components to the draft being and must provide spaces where taking care of themselves.

Many Italians say they intend to do renovations just to make improvements that make the home a place to feel good with their family.

A survey of a sample of 15mila loan requests in early 2012 there was a real increase (+ 7%) of loan requests aimed to furnishings and financial restructuring. The love and care of the house of Italians do not seem to diminish, families continue to renovate their home, optimizing space and investing in new technologies. Not only are families who resort to these loans, more than 26% are young people who want to make 30 years hospitable their homes, even if they live in rent.

For all those who wish to renovate the house Tuesday 26 June was published in the Official Gazette of the Decree Law Chapter 3 83 / 2012, which contains initiatives with the intent to promote the recovery of the market. Particularly interesting is the bonus 50% of personal income tax, which can be applied to many interventions in housing, from the works of restructuring and conservative renewal, up to extraordinary maintenance. The bonus is applied to all expenditure between June 26 2012 to 30 2013 June and will use them even those who have jobs at home before the entry into force of the measure, but that will pay off the bill after the due date.

The deduction can be increased from the 36 50%% and is also doubled, from 48.000 96.000 in Euro for each housing unit, the maximum amount of expenses on which it is calculated.

The value of the bonus depends on the type of work you will do and the discounts provided by the government, to be applied in the income tax declaration, are:

  •         Extraordinary maintenance costs
  •         Cleansing
  •         Building renovation
  •         Restoration
  •        Interventions for climate
  •         Removal of architectural barriers of residential properties
  •         Reduce noise


Regarding interventions for energy saving incentives remain the 55% until December 31 2012 then dropped, from January to 2013 30 2013 June to 50%.


This seems to be a good year to begin renovations and choose from Dream House also saving on the cost of a professional full-time, without sacrificing quality, competence, and ongoing support of architects, looking at each project to meet and satisfy customer needs, which is the focus of their work.

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