Casa Ulìa: The meeting between tradition and sustainable modernity in the heart of Salento

External evening view, South / East elevation. ©Marcello Mariana
External evening view, South / East elevation. ©Marcello Mariana
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In the heart of the suggestive Salento countryside, where centuries-old olive trees and agricultural tradition blend harmoniously with the needs of modern life, stands Casa Ulìa, an authentic treasure chest house immersed in the rural landscape, presented by Margine.

Located in an area renowned for the production of oil and sheep breeding, Casa Ulìa is the result of a project aimed at offering a single-family residence in Mediterranean style, designed for a young couple: he is a building contractor, she is a professor. Their aspiration was to create an oasis of peace, equipped with all comforts, a few kilometers from Lecce.

The villa stands out for its design which integrates perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The white sculptural volume of the house, next to the centuries-old olive trees, opens up to the panorama through large windows, merging the interiors with the exterior in a harmonious union. The choice of local Leccese stone for the external flooring and the finishes of the façades recalls the architectural tradition of the region, giving an authentic and vernacular character to the home.

Casa Ulìa is spread over two levels, taking advantage of an underground space to maintain a horizontal distribution. The ground floor houses the living area, characterized by an open, bright and welcoming space, while the basement houses a room for private events, a SPA, the garage and a technical room, illuminated by two lowered patios.

The interiors of the living area are characterized by oak wood paneling which gives warmth to the rooms. The kitchen, defined by an island and a glass window engraved in the boiserie that frames the landscape, seems to immerse itself in the surrounding nature. Large panoramic windows allow easy access to the garden, while a pergola screens the external veranda, ideal for outdoor lunches during the summer.

The heart of the house is represented by a large central fireplace that unites the dining and living areas, creating a welcoming and convivial atmosphere. The sleeping area, separated from the living area by a hallway equipped with an elegant built-in wardrobe, offers a master bedroom characterized by the same oak boiserie, which integrate functionality and design with discretion and elegance.

The interiors of Casa Ulìa stand out for their essential lines and the refined use of materials, with white plaster and stone-effect stoneware floors that give a contemporary and bright atmosphere to the rooms. The custom-made joinery, created by local artisans, features oak paneling which helps to warm the interior spaces.

The furnishings, carefully selected to integrate harmoniously with the style of the house, contribute to creating a welcoming and refined environment. The choice of advanced technological solutions, such as the photovoltaic system with storage batteries and the use of heat pumps for heating and cooling, testifies to Casa Ulìa's commitment to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy , responding to the most recent European directives on sustainable construction.

Ultimately, Casa Ulìa represents an example of how it is possible to combine tradition and modernity, creating a home that integrates perfectly into the natural and cultural context of Salento, reinterpreting the concept of vernacular architecture in a contemporary key. A true treasure chest of beauty and comfort, immersed in the evocative Salento countryside.

project info

STREET ADDRESS: Caprarica di Lecce, LE
ARCHITECT: Margin (Giulio Ciccarese, Valentina Pontieri)
PROJECT TEAM: Enrico Durante
CLIENT: Private
DATE: December 2023
UNDERTAKING: Aurora Costruzioni SAS
INSTALLATIONS: Greco – Idrotermoclima SRL
PHOTOGRAPHER: ©Marcello Mariana


Covering and flooring supplies: FRATA SRL
Cladding and flooring brands: Laminam SPA, Sant'Agostino
Cladding and flooring installer: Panico SRL
Glass and mirrors: Vetreria Calasso SRL
Fixtures: Potenza e Greco SRL
Members: Bticino, Antonio Lupi, Olivari, Siemens, Cielo.
Furnishings: Artnova; Sangiacomo, Midj, Devina Nais
Custom-made furniture and doors: Tuttolegno SRL


Elevation structure in reinforced concrete, opaque vertical closures in honeycomb brick blocks, internal partitions in expanded cellular concrete blocks, aluminum windows and doors, external plaster coverings on an EPS insulation layer, jalousies in Lecce stone, thresholds and sills in stone apricena, internal plaster and stoneware coverings.

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